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(Apr. 25, 2017) — A career in the public sector can be one of the most rewarding to pursue. The public sector is simply government organizations. Becoming a government worker is now a popular choice among those mapping out a career. There is a clearly defined path and people know beforehand how to reach their goal.

The public sector is very important

In some countries, working in the public sector is mandatory. This is by virtue of the type of political system in place. In the vast majority of countries, however, taking a government job is a choice.

Opting to work in the public sector is not to be taken lightly as this is the working arm of government. The leader and other elected representatives make the policies. The public sector workers implement these policies. It is a very important job.

National security, health and education are the three largest arms of government. They take the biggest chunk of public sector workers. Those who work in these areas have specialized education and training, often having studied to a high level.

Public sector careers are now very popular

The turn of the 20th century saw a sharp increase in people wanting to take on public sector careers. This, as the importance of the work of government became more widespread and better understood. It is now easy to encourage people to work in the public sector. Here’s how:

 1. Public sector reform

Many governments have examined their State processes and procedures and have made them more effective and efficient. Gone are the days when government offices were described in a negative fashion and government workers were people to be despised. Modern-day scientific processes and procedures are now the order of the day in many government institutions. Multilateral and international organizations also played a major role in upgrading the public sector in many countries. Persons opting to work in the government are now exposed to better ways of doing things.

2. Salaries are comparable

Public sector wages and salaries are now comparable to those in the private sector. In some instances, the pay is better. To attract better quality civil servants, many governments reviewed and revised their salaries. They, too, have first pick of brilliant graduates from top universities worldwide. The salary packages also include good benefits, and there is always a pension to look forward to.

3. Contribution to nation-building

Persons who work in the public sector are not just government workers; they are nation-builders. By working to implement the policies of the government, they are helping to build their country. They contribute to the development of their country in a composite way.

4. Scope for advancement

There is wider scope for promotion and upward mobility in the public sector. Organizational structures in the government are very clearly stated, and workers can see a defined career path. They know in advance what is required to move up, and work towards it.

In addition, multilaterals and international organizations tend to prefer to hire public sector workers. This is due to their expose to State processes and procedures and an understanding of how to work for the benefit of others.

5. Great personal development

Professional development is mandatory for public sector workers. This includes education and training. Some governments peg promotion to the pursuit of higher degrees. It is no longer strange to find highly educated people in government offices with Masters and PhD degrees. Regular attendance at training sessions is essential. These sessions are up to speed with modern-day approaches to personal and organizational development including things such as mind set change. They help to develop the person and build the softer skills, such as team building and people skills.

Being prepared for a public sector career

Government jobs are no longer bottom-of-the-barrel, low-paying lines of work. They require people with education at a certain level. Changes in recruitment processes have seen to this. It is, therefore, important to be prepared by getting the right education.

Selection for a government job involves scoring against the educational requirements, which are published as a standard. If the requirements are not met, the candidate is outscored and loses out on being gainfully employed.

Those persons who prepared themselves well gain admission, or get promoted. In some cases, especially where disciplines update frequently, advanced degrees are asked for. Health care specialists, who have to keep abreast of modern practices, can prepare well by following a USC’s masters in public health program.

A career in the public sector is a noble one. Due to the many reforms, people now stick to government jobs. It is now commonplace to find people in government with 30-to-40-year career spans. They work until the stipulated senior age. They are highly regarded and often receive national honors and awards for their years of service to the government before retiring.

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