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by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Larry Klayman is a former DOJ prosecutor and successfully challenged the NSA’s data-collection in federal court in 2013

(Mar. 25, 2017) — In an interview on Saturday with Bob McLain of ESPN Radio, Atty. Larry Klayman said that government data-harvesting resulted in the collection of his banking records from when he lived in Florida in 2007.

Klayman, who founded Judicial Watch and later Freedom Watch, represents former NSA and CIA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who Klayman terms a “whistleblower” on alleged widespread government surveillance.

Since Montgomery became his client in 2015, Klayman has reported that Montgomery alleges that government entities have conducted illegal data-harvesting on federal judges, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, Donald Trump when he was a private citizen, Klayman himself, and other prominent Americans.

In a video presentation released on March 5, Klayman said that Roberts’s “financial records” were collected by government surveillance.

On Monday, Klayman wrote a letter to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes in which he suggested that Nunes bring in Montgomery to testify about the data he said he collected during his time as a software developer for the NSA and CIA.

Klayman believes that FBI Director James Comey was dishonest during last Monday’s public hearing in front of the committee when he said he had seen no evidence supporting Trump’s claim that his campaign office at Trump Tower was “wiretapped” last fall.

In 2015, Klayman was able to arrange for Montgomery to speak with a federal judge in Washington, DC and later, two FBI agents, reportedly providing them with 47 hard drives and 600 million records supporting his claims of warrantless collection of data.

Klayman reports that the investigation thought to have been launched into Montgomery’s claims appears to be stonewalled and that members of Congress, including House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, have not responded to Klayman’s calls and emails requesting a status on the information provided.

On Monday, both Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers testified to the House Intelligence Committee in a public forum.  This coming Tuesday, their former Obama regime counterparts as well as Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates were scheduled to testify in the same manner. However, on Friday Nunes announced that Comey and Rogers will instead return for a closed-door session that day to discuss information that is largely classified.

Klayman has named former CIA Director John Brennan and former NSA Director James Clapper as having allegedly carried out the surveillance of Trump during the presidential campaign.  “This will go all the way to the top,” he told McLain, indicating that he believes Barack Obama was aware of the surveillance or “should have known.”

“We need to empanel a grand jury,” Klayman said at 7:40.  “They really need to follow the evidence wherever it may lead,” he said, referring to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Grand juries were made a part of our constitutional framework by means of the Fifth Amendment to provide a bulwark between government and the citizenry when a criminal accusation is made.  Since World War II, the scope and power of grand juries has diminished significantly as prosecutors and judges have exerted more influence over grand jury activities.

On Friday, Klayman was interviewed by Alex Jones of Infowars on the same topic.

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  1. How come all these dates of data collection seem to come from before Obama was in office?

    Could Susan Daniels get the same information from the public databases she has access to?

  2. I don’t believe Trump, as President of the USA, will allow himself to become complicit in Obama’s treasonous fraud, while Obama and his partners in crime are actively doing their best to destroy him. A DOJ investigation into Obama’s surveillance of the Trump campaign, prior to and after the election, will be the criminal act that will ultimately bring Obama’s identification fraud into focus, public exposure and prosecution.

  3. I believe it’s easy to understand how Comey is compromised. The FBI has had the 600 million pages, on 47 hard drives, of spying during the Obama and Bush administrations in their possession for over 2 years, and they have done nothing. The FBI and Comey know the information is valid, which is why they have done nothing to investigate it. They also know Obama is a total and compete fraud. They never investigated anything related to Barry because they knew what they would find.

    Understanding the inaction and deception of the FBI, CIA. NSA, etc., is easy when connected with the desperate efforts of the left to prevent, and now to destroy Trump’s presidency. If Obama has to take the stand on this massive spying incident it could quickly unravel Barry’s entire charade of legitimacy and expose the complicity of the many protectors of Obama. As long as these involved in protecting Obama are the ones given the job of investigating the spying, all that is going to happen is stalling and more covering up.

    To repair the destruction of the Obama regime, Obama and those complicit must be brought to justice. Congress, the FBI, CIA, you name it, all know Obama is a usurper of the presidency. They lacked the courage to act when they should have. Exposing Obama now unveils their complicity in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people. Some are complicit in their actions, some in their inaction and for some, both. Without uncovering and holding those involved in the “crime too big to prosecute” accountable, ultimately they will win, no matter what small victories we may have.