by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2017

(Mar. 13, 2017) — Taking nothing away from Donald J. Trump in regards to his insight and intelligence, it would not surprise even his most ardent supporters to find out that the extent of the corruption and evil which is our Federal Government was not early on fully appreciated by our new President.  He has discovered that the swamp is wider than the widest ocean and deeper than the deepest sea.

The pre-election attacks on Trump were only the beginning. Recall the entire leftwing establishment declared that Trump hates all women. This lunacy was instigated because of his dislike for one nasty, fat slob of a garbage mouthed woman.  Then prior to the inauguration Trump was vilified and deemed a hater of all the national security organizations after he announced that there were a few persons embedded in these groups who were operating ideologically and illegally.  Shyster Schumer, apparently well versed in the operatives’ dirty deeds, threatened Trump with unspecified security agency retaliation.

Then began the pre-inauguration assault which has proven to be child’s play next to what The Donald is now encountering as he begins his struggle to make America Great Again.  From every putrid corner and rat hole,  the Deep State, which is most aptly described as leftwing loonies embedded by leftwing loony leaders, are doing all they can to disrupt President Trump’s agenda.  As a direct result of fake leaks about administration officials and the more dangerous and destructive unauthorized leaks of national security issues, the path and direction Trump must take has now been set in stone.


While it is a standard practice for new administrations to replace appointees from the previous crop of mostly unqualified trough dwellers, especially if those people were appointed by the opposition party, Donald Trump, up until this week had not done a wholesale house cleaning ala Clinton and Obama.  Certainly and for sure any left-winger being asked to leave by Trump was going to cause a firestorm in the media.  They were not happy just being part of the undermining of Trump’s agenda, they relished in reporting on it. This, then, is why the swamp creatures have done America such a big favor.

Because now it’s not just those in the new administration who know, the embedded remnants of past socialist administrations do as well.  That klatch of ideologues posing as journalists also know. Gloating, chest pumping and the uncontrollable elation has been on display as the entire country and the world have witnessed the subversive activity of these traitors embedded in every department of the government.  Only a fool or a masochist would venture on without a clean sweep.  Or should we say a complete draining. The media will squeal like wild boars snared in a steel trap, the Democrats will cry foul and additional snowflakes will begin to melt, but the sane people of the world will rejoice as Trump does what needs to be done.

Ambassadors have been ordered home, United States Attorneys have been removed, appointed positions have been repositioned, department heads have been metaphorically decapitated.   Very soon, what will remain is the huge caste of Civil Service government employees.  Over 90% of which have been hired by leftist administrations of the past.  They have positions that could be used, and are in fact doing so at this very moment, to undermine this administration or at the very least interfere or impede it.

The problem Trump will face with these people might seem insurmountable since it takes years before anyone of these meal munchers of the government teat can be fired.  The Civil Service Unions have managed to sign protective agreements with the government whereby even people convicted of crimes cannot be easily removed.


Since Trump can’t fire these people and they won’t resign on their own, what is a President supposed to do?  Here is a simple and very effective suggestion.   While these people cannot be fired, they can be repositioned and relocated to any location and for any purpose that the Executive Branch deems necessary.  Known trouble makers can all be removed from positIons of authority and assigned to small offices where they would be stripped of their previous duties and would be impotent, at least as relates to insurgent activity.

It may seem like a waste of taxpayer funds to have people sitting, doing nothing and getting paid.  That is until one realizes that, except for reading the newspaper and playing online solitaire, nothing is pretty much what most of them do all day anyway.  And when you consider the cost of trying to get them fired and the damage they could do to the flow of the administration policies if they are allowed to remain, setting them up in an remote office, some place comfortable, some place nice, someplace where they can’t poke their sticky fingers anywhere that would interfere with our government, this seems like a prudent venture and money well spent.

I hear that the Anwar ProvInce in Northern Alaska is very nice, all year round.



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