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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 4, 2017) — Hours after President Donald Trump tweeted that the Obama regime wiretapped his phone and perhaps other aspects of his office at Trump Tower prior to the November election, this writer sees no coverage of the claim tweeted by NBC News, CBS News, Yahoo! News, or the Associated Press.

Normally the “legacy” media tweets out its own breaking news coverage, after which it is retweeted by many, but in this writer’s Twitter feed late Saturday morning, those outlets’ articles do not appear.

Early on Saturday morning, Trump tweeted that “Obama” wiretapped his phone after a previous request apparently made by the FBI of the FISA court was declined. A story in National Review dated January 11, 2017 written by Atty. Andrew McCarthy appears to support Trump’s revelations.

While mainstream media have issued stories on the subject, the Associated Press does not appear to have done so.  The AP is often the first to break national and international news, after which other outlets follow suit.

ABC News reported that Obama national security adviser, Ben Rhodes, responded to Trump’s claim by calling him a “liar.”

Meanwhile, the government-watchdog group Judicial Watch has tweeted that it is in the process of investigating the “wiretaps and subsequent illegal leaks.”

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  1. If what Trump is saying is true, it means that a US Federal Judge believed that Trump was engaged in illegal activity with the Russian Government, so much so that the Judge went as far as to issue a warrant for a wire tap of Trump Towers.

    If what Trump is saying is true, this does not look good for Trump at all.