by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 4, 2017) — Given the developments of Saturday in which President Donald Trump accused the Obama regime of wiretapping him during the last month of the 2016 presidential campaign, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino tweeted on Saturday night that he will be releasing “more about the Obama administration this week.”

A former New York City police officer, Bongino was accepted into the Secret Service in 1999 and served on the elite Presidential Protective Division during the latter George W. Bush years, continuing to serve as one of Obama’s bodyguards in his first term.

Bongino later resigned and ran for the U.S. Senate in Maryland, then for a U.S. House of Representative seat, both unsuccessfully. He then relocated with his family to Florida and unsuccessfully sought a congressional seat there in 2016.

He now hosts a radio show, “The Renegade Republican,” and is affiliated with the “Conservative Review” website.

Following his first tweet, Bongino then wrote:

To date, Bongino has said very little about specifics of his position at the Secret Service.  However, he has suggested that corruption in Washington, DC is worse than most Americans know and is author of the book “Life Inside the Bubble:  Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All” published in late 2013 and “The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failings.”

Bongino is a contributor to CNN and Fox News.

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  1. Sharon – I have a feeling that Dan may be willing to get into the forgery of Obama’s birth certificate. I sent him an email asking him to consider it yesterday.

    Continuing national security threat

    From rlqretired rlqretired@aol.comhide details
    To info info@bongino.com
    Dan – See you a lot on Fox and Friends in the mornings.Your work history and presence is very impressive and I would like your opinion on what I consider to be a serious continuing national security issue. It is obvious that Obama and his loyal embeds remaining within the Trump Administration, together with his political action group known as Organizing for Action, are out to destroy our President. I understand the Media’s previous reluctance to investigate this matter while Obama held the almighty powers as President of the USA, white guilt, racism, first black president, etc.. However, now that he is a civilian, whose claim to be a citizen of this country still depends upon a forged birth certificate and is hell bent on destroying his successor, my President Donald J. Trump, I see this continued refusal of the media to investigate this forgery is simply unbelievable. This is not a question of where Obama was born. It is a question of why does he need a forged birth certificate, who is complicit in the forging and why does those in the media continue to refuse investigate the massive amount of material available proving the forgery, fraud and obvious national security threat.

    Please, I beg you, take a few minutes and review this link about Sheriff Arpaio’s final report that visually details 9 points, verified by 2 different document authentication experts, one of which has done work for Obama’s very own law firm, that proves the document Obama placed on his POTUS web site can not possibly be an authentic document. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbWdm5n3PsA&feature=youtu.be

    Here’s thanking you in advance

    Robert Quinn

  2. We can only hope and pray that Bongino will not hold back the info. what he knows and what he’s witnessed as per the crimes against peace, usurper president, “Obama.”

    I say “hope and pray” because Bongino has filled-in for talk show host, Sean Hannity who prostitutes the mainstream media propaganda story line. It has been my impression that Bongino is of the same limited mindset. ignoring Obama government contrived and staged propaganda and violence events. If Bongino refuses to recognize the reality-evil of false reality events, it is likely that his promised information dump about the first 4 years of Obama’s White House occupancy will be compromised and / or limited.

    Remember the “earth shattering” news that was promised from the continued Sheriff Arpaio Investigation about Obama? It never did materialize. Only hot air from spokesman, Carl Gallups……….

  3. Has it occurred to anyone that Bongino’s Senate race was sabotaged? Or that his first-hand witnessing of the literally demonic activities at the White House and beyond, sent him staggering?

    Aka Obama is no ‘ordinary opponent’. Via his mother, he is the grandson of Adolf Hitler. Think of what it took to send Hitler scurrying from his Berlin bunker.

    The battle is good v. evil, and it has been for decades in America.

  4. P.S. Ed, indeed add RYAN ZINKE to that noted list. He too has been provided with Arpaio’s
    Sheriff Kit… and Lt. Zullo”s Affidavit.

  5. Ed, you “nailed it”. Bonginao did the book thing and ran for office. He was exposed to the
    “swamp water”. He decided to continue to bathe in it. It must be for personal gain he did
    not “come clean” and “expose” things before. He must have decided to “lay back” for
    “personal gain”. Indeed, before he could have been more effective to have had gotten on
    the bus in the beginning.

  6. Personally, I don’t give a flip what this guy releases. It is far too late in the game. If he had anything of significance he should have done it a long time ago to bolster the real heroes like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo.

    He should have hooked up and supported Arpaio and his operation but as we know he too had “political aspirations” so forget the truth and search for justice. He is no better than Alan West, Ted Yoho, Louie Gohmert, or Steve Stockman.