Obama vs. Saddam Hussein (RR)


by OPOVV, ©2017

(Feb. 26, 2017) — “Good evening, you all. Yep, the editor sprung for first-class tickets so we can revisit Madam Shylock in sunny Florida. Hello, I’m your Roving Reporter who will be your host for this evening’s show. As you can see, we’re at the airport in Daytona Beach about to rent a car. What do you say we interview a fellow traveler while we’re waiting? Excuse me, sir, got a minute to be on ‘Pulse?’”

“Yes? Hello. So glad to be in your fine country: land of Disney and Mickey Mouse, okay?”

“Fine with me. Where you from?”

“We are Swedes from Sweden, okay?”

“Sure thing. So how long will you be here?”

“Not too long. My son is renting the car for hire right now and should be pulling up shortly, okay?

“Just fine. So where are you off to; what will be your first stop?”

“First stop? We hear all our lives America serves breakfast nonstop so we go to one of your always-open restaurants to have breakfast. We plan to have every meal a breakfast, okay?”

“Okay! Whatever floats your boat. Care to answer a question for our viewers? Good; look at the camera, not at me, please. Here’s the question: Christians lived in the Middle East for over a thousand years, even during the reign of Saddam Hussein, in relative peace and harmony. As soon as Obama and Hillary Clinton stuck their noses in Egypt (and recognized the Muslim Brotherhood as some kind of Boy Scout troop instead of a full-fledged terrorist organization) and murdered Muammar Gaddafi, the Christians are being killed at an alarming rate. Would you feel justified in deporting the Muslim Brotherhood from the USA and, since you’re a European, from Europe as well?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to think for myself anymore, thanks to our politicians who opened the doors to Muslim ‘refugees’ and, consequently, put all our lives in jeopardy. You Americans think you have fake news as if it’s a first. Not so. Ever since the EU came knocking on our door that’s all we’ve been hearing.

“Furthermore, the rape capital of the world is Sweden, and our women who have been terrorized and victimized are scared for life. Many of the Muslim rape victims will lie and cheat on the people who love them, for they will have lost all faith in any man. Many divorces have and will follow; Sweden will have paid a heavy price, for generations to come, in having bloodlines eradicated for all time because our politicians are just as stupid and greedy as your own. That rude honking is my son. Goodbye.”

“Enjoy your breakfasts. I’d reconsider a trip to the Grand Canyon instead of seeing Mickey Mouse, but that’s just my opinion. Bye. Now it’s our turn to get in the rental and off we go.

“Here we are, at Madam Shylock’s, and thanks to the magic of editing we made the half-hour car ride the length of a commercial break. Hello, Madam, how’d you know we’d be here?”

“I didn’t. I was just walking the dog at her normal time.”

“And speaking of dogs…”

“I know what you’re going to ask and I can’t do it.”

“Don’t tell me: it’s a doctor-patient, or a lawyer-client relationship. What do you call it, a ‘Fortune-Teller-don’t-tell’ relationship?”

“I’m not telling: it’s between the dog and myself. Why don’t you ask me about the traitor in our midst, spilling state secrets? Running to left-wing news organizations who, rather than calling the people who would tell them not to print whatever they got, just go ahead and spill the beans anyway.”

“Really? You know the who, or is it many?”

“Many, but even worse, many more who would sell you and me and all the other patriotic Americans down the river; to the Chinese, North Koreans, even to ISIS. They don’t give a hoot about America’s history or her flag, the Constitution or Veterans. They lack the required empathy for sacrifice: they’re bottom-dwellers who feed on positive emotions, ridiculing those who unashamedly fully love our country, who follow the Golden Rule and have learned a hard lesson by the ‘school of hard knocks.’

“And what lesson would that be?”

“As one Holocaust survivor once said, ‘If they say they’re going to kill you, believe them.’ Is it time to be proactive or, if not now, when? Wait around for the Easter Bunny? The crystal ball reveals ALL, and we’re – that would be all of us mediums here in Cassadaga — are mighty concerned about treating Islam as a religion instead of a political entity, unless you want to start calling Nazism a religion, too.

“Besides, under Sharia Law, we’d all be wiped out, sad to say. There’s no fun in Sharia; no laughter; not even a Valentine’s Day, if you can believe that. And we welcome them, the Muslims, into our country: why, how nuts are we, anyway?

“Now to answer your question: to start, arm our womenfolk. You want to drive? Show proof of a loaded revolver in your purse; hand out guns upon graduation from high school. Look, I’ve not a whole lot of hope unless we take the bull by the horns and do it ourselves. After all, we’re the people, right?”

“So right. And thank you all for watching, out there in television land. I’m getting the ‘wrap-it-up’ signal from our sound-boom girl and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show, everyone. Care to join us for burgers, Madam Shylock? My treat.”

“Happy Trails”






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