by Pauline Boyle

(Feb. 25, 2017) — [Editor’s Note:  The letter below was sent to Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA50), a cosponsor of a resolution to disapprove a $418 million proposed sale of specially-outfitted airplanes to the Kenyan government reported to have been approved by the Obama administration on his last full day in office.

According to Breitbart News, the contract was awarded to L-3 Technologies, formerly known as L-3 Communications, a company without any track record of having constructed the aircraft but noted as a “sole source” of the product.

A bipartisan group of congressmen have requested that the matter be investigated and may block the sale with the resolution to disapprove it.

The author of the letter, Pauline Boyle, lost her husband, who was employed by L-3 as a law enforcement contractor in Afghanistan, in June 2012.  The U.S. military has never explained to her how her husband died and has for years denied possessing any documentation relating to his death.

Last month, however, after first stating that documents responsive to Mrs. Boyle’s latest FOIA request relating to her husband are “classified,” the U.S. Air Force unexpectedly reopened the request.

Because the military and L-3 have obscured the cause of Mr. Boyle’s death, Mrs. Boyle has been denied insurance benefits from policies he purchased prior to his last deployment.  While two insurers issued respective payouts based on “accidental death” and “accidental homicide” as the cause of death, the remaining five have denied benefits for various and inconsistent reasons.

Mrs. Boyle said that L-3 benefited from “janitor” policies purchased internally on her husband but denied her the content of his full administrative file.

She has provided all of the documentation amassed over nearly five years to the FBI.




The Honorable Duncan Hunter
2429 Rayburn HOB
Washington DC  20515

Dear Congressman Hunter,

I have attached articles that may be useful regarding your request for a congressional investigation into the arms sale to Kenya contracted with L-3 Communications for your review.  As you will ascertain I have had dealings with this company in the past related to the death of my husband, Thomas J Boyle.

You will see one article regarding a similar request for an investigation which has been ignored by Rep. Chaffetz. The purpose of this letter is to relay additional information that you might find useful during your investigative processes.

I have copied to you all articles at The Post & Email regarding the issue of my husband’s death and the cover up surrounding it.  These articles can also be easily obtained with a  search on their website, www.thepostemail.com of ‘Boyle’ for confirmation of their existence.

To summarize, the corporation in question, namely L-3 Communications is the same entity that covered up the true cause of death of my husband and they are also responsible for the insurance fraud involved.  The cover up to placate the military as well as solidify future contracts, the insurance fraud benefitted that corporation as they took out ‘janitor policies’ on my husband naming themselves as beneficiary.  As a side note I was denied several policy payouts that L-3 benefited.

My husband was employed by EngilityCorp/MPRI a division of L-3 Communications at the time of his death as a Law Enforcement Professional.  Thomas J Boyle, my husband was killed on June 19, 2012 at FOB Provincial Reserve Kandahar Afghanistan.  After graduating high school, Tom volunteered for the USMC serving honorable for two tours in Vietnam and obtaining numerous accolades including the Cross of Gallantry.  Upon his honorable discharge from the Marine Corps Tom embarked on a 31-year career with the Chicago Police Department receiving many commendations as well as being responsible for the capture and conviction of the Strickland brothers who killed Wheeling Police Officer Kenneth Dawson.  After his retirement and the 911 attacks, Tom grew restless and wished to contribute to his country as best he could.  It was at this time that he began a series of peacekeeping missions overseas – his deployments took him from Kosovo, Iraq, and finally to Afghanistan.  During these deployments Tom also was awarded numerous civilian awards – these are included in one of the articles attached.

My husband was a good man and patriot who loved his family and his country.  What has been done to him is unconscionable and I support your efforts to bring justice not only to Tom but also to insure this company (L-3 Communications) does not continue their immoral efforts, all done for the sake of financial profit.  L-3 Communications needs to be held accountable.

I thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter, should you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.


Pauline Boyle


cc: President Donald Trump

also sent to El Cajon California address of Congressman Hunter


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  1. Imagine that, Jason Chaffetz ignored the widow’s plea for an investigation. He’s been ignoring Sheriff Arpaio for years so this comes as no surprise. Chaffetz and Gowdy have more drama to plan that has nothing to do with anything that might chaff their political will.