by Linda Jordan, ©2017

(Feb. 8, 2017) — The Democrats have lost their grip on reality. George Soros, the billionaire that anarchists and liberals love to love, has hired thugs to infiltrate their  “peaceful” protests. A lot of these cowards dress in black and hide their face before they attack conservatives and destroy property. The Democrats have made no real effort to denounce this violence.

In fact, Democrats are embracing it. Main stream leftists  are now encouraging and praising this violent, fascist thuggery or, in the least, turning a blind eye to it.

The left falsely claims that anyone who is conservative, a Trump supporter or just wears a red hat, is a “white supremacist Nazi”, even if they are black, and if they dare to assert their right to voice an opinion, in a public place, they will be attacked with bricks or 2×4’s to the head.

At these good old fashioned witch hunts, wrongly labeled “peaceful protests”, those on the left stir up a caldron of fear, violence and hate so loud that no one with a controverting opinion can be heard (like Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes), and then they have the audacity to claim that they are defending the constitution!

For two years Democrats have accused those on the right of inciting violence and being hateful simply because we expressed our political views and it made them mad. There has been no escalation of “hate crimes” against the left or minorities since Trump.  In fact you will find that most “hate crimes” blamed on Trump supporters were actually faked by the accusers. Tally up the hateful slander and violence, that actually happened, and you get a clear picture of who engaged in the vitriol and mayhem. The overwhelming perpetrators can be found in crowds that identify as Democrats, the radical left (BLM, La Raza, Moveon.org etc) or the “anti-fa”. (anti-fa means anti-fascist for those, like me, not schooled in street lingo. I thought they were abbreviating their disdain for Christmas and Christ, “anti-fa la la la la la la la la.)

Make no mistake, the thugs you see on the news screaming that they hate fascists, while beating up innocent people and setting cars, buildings and people on fire, are actually wannabe fascists engaging in fascism. These cowards can not stand for ideas that controvert their own to be uttered and will use any means to stop it. Including hiring paid agitators so they don’t get their hands dirty. The images you see of the recent riots in Chicago, Berkeley, Seattle, and at airports across this country….that is what fascism looks like, not democracy.

“Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation.”  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism)

We know why Soros wants to create this anarchy, he has made his agenda to destroy America and to take President Trump down, well known.

But why are Democrats and the main stream media, yes, the media had a horse in this race, going along with it?

Because they lost the election. Their candidate lost, our candidate won and they have become unhinged and undone. Every excuse liberals throw out to defend their childish behavior, their fake news, is just that. We are witnessing a huge, collective, violent and dangerous, temper tantrum.


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