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(Feb. 8, 2017) — When the Tax Revolution Institute first launched, we promised to develop a simple and innovative plan to reform our broken tax system. But we always intended much more than the kind of reform that is typically discussed in tax-policy circles. As our name implies, TRI seeks nothing short of a tax revolution.

Over the last year, TRI has come to understand that the problems with America’s tax system run deeper than an overly complicated tax code and an unaccountable IRS. While these are both serious issues that remain as much of a concern to TRI as they do to the American people, there exists a more profound and — as we have discovered — inescapable problem with our system of taxation.

The fundamental issue is our current system ensures that our nation’s politicians are supplied with an uninterrupted stream of revenue, even when they provide very little to show for it. Moreover, it guarantees that a very small number of people make decisions on how our hard-earned tax money is spent, concentrating power in the hands of a largely unaccountable few at the expense of the many.

This is the system that we have all been taught to accept as necessary for the greater good of society, despite all the evidence to the contrary that surrounds us every day: millions of poorly educated children, tens of millions of Americans still living in poverty, contaminated water supplies, countless lives ruined by abusive IRS practices, and so much else.

But this doesn’t have to be our reality…

See the video here.

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