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  1. After Robert DeNiro said he wanted to punch Trump out in the video he made, that was enough for me. I used to respect DeNiro, as he did make some good movies with substance, but recently I have lost all my respect for him. If we look at the people that have inherited Hollywood, it is a sad follow up to the great history of the past and the wonderful decades of quality entertainment the industry pumped out. No one today could stand next to the actors, musicians, writers, set people, artists, grips, cameramen and all the people behind the scenes that dazzled the world with wonder and creativity. Pat Robertson was asked a few years ago about what he thought on the “new” entertainers that are out there and he paused, then said “Never before in the history of America have we seen the celebration of so many artificial celebrities.” That does cover it all.

  2. Hollywood doesn’t get one cent from me and never will. It’s time to unite on social media and make plans to stage large, loud, massive protests in front of their Chinese-owned studios!

  3. This deplorable stopped going to the movies years ago because I recognized Hollywood is left except for a very few. Don’t raise their ratings either on TV. Madonna, Streep and Judd do not represent this women. They are a disgrace.