by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Col., USA (Ret.), ©2017

(Feb. 2, 2017) — A moment ago, I came upon this statement in this morning’s issue of The Hill:Democrats plot protest for Trump’s speech to Congress.” That single sentence alone illustrates a key ingredient in that quagmire known as Party Politics. It is emblematic or symbolic of that which is most detrimental to good government. Let us look more closely at that ugly, hateful and, yes, traitorous declaration.

Please allow me to set a scene. The traitor Obama’s illegal tenure is going to end in just six months. The date is July 20, 2016. The quadrennial competition to select our next and 45th President is well under way. Party Politics is in full battle array. At stake:  A government in mortal distress. A faux President, self-proclaimed Muslim, homosexual and anti-American posing as an enthusiastic, patriotic and loyal American locked in a battle for imperial control of America’s government with the third successive feckless Congress. Representing a continuation of Obama’s excesses is Hillary Rodham Clinton, a female vying to become America’s first female chief executive, a laudable goal and one this writer has long advocated.

In opposition, there is the survivor of the numerous presidential debates, a multi-billionaire businessman and entrepreneur, Donald J. Trump, a man who had never contended for elective office but as a keen observer, was more than just cognizant of the peril our Republic was in. His campaign slogan was both a statement of our degraded status in the greater world and a plea to the common people: “Make America Great Again.”

Without hesitation, the Democrat Party left no doubt that they were at war with the Republican Party and an outsider, Mr. Trump, and was prepared to sacrifice its souls in pursuit of “business as usual” by electing an uncouth, foul-mouthed, prevaricating collaborator in treason against the United States, the disgraced former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The mainstream media pundits quickly declared it “No contest.” Hillary would, unquestionably, become the 45th and first female President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

Fortunately, the Democrats, the RINOs, the GOP and the MSM pundits failed to correctly assess the mood and despair of Mr., Miss and Mrs. America who were in total disgust after eight years of Obama’s Fast and Furious, his unauthorized bombing of Libya, his disavowal of DOMA, his embracing and forced acceptance of the LGBTQ agenda and substituting for our annual Day of Prayer, a Muslim day of prayer within the White House in his obeisance to a deity other than the God of American Jews and Christians with which as he had represented himself to be affiliated during his 2007-08 Campaign, and his audaciously expensive golf and family vacations with multi-millions of public dollars wasted. Further alienating himself, Obama authorized his spouse of questionable sex to involve herself in projects not within any expertise she might have had, e.g., “School Lunch Programs.”

Obama, like Clinton, was a serial liar which, coupled with his narcissistic, arrogant, temperamental outbursts and his selfish, me-first disregard for his and Secretory Clinton’s abysmal failure and claim to “Not my fault” and “At this point, what difference does it make?” were and are totally unacceptable to God-worshiping and decent, generous Americans.

Donald Trump had an obviously uphill battle to defeat the entrenched political vultures and the vast wealth of corrupt bloodsuckers in so many large corporations and the far-reaching, more-than-likely illegal Clinton Foundation which had accepted huge donations from foreign governments and foreign entities.

Time, as is usual, crept inexorably onward, and Tuesday, November 8, 2016 rolled around right on schedule. The Democrats, the MSM pundits, the GOP and the Obama-Clinton Cartel took an absolute and unpredictable thrashing. We the People had had enough. Time to start from scratch, rebuild, rejuvenate, reunite, reignite the fires of loyalty, patriotism and refresh our Judeo-Christian ethos.

We the People can and must celebrate and build upon OUR and the “Make America Great Again” team’s God-ordained victory on November 8th. 2016 by demanding the 115th Congress have a modicum of trust in us, call a COS and let We the People offer amendments to our nearly perfect constitution, certain items to be offered as amendments per Article V, to the fifty states for ratification.

We the People have no intention of suffering through another 200 years of machination, criminality and waste! Enough is too much!

A few cases in point:  

  1. The personal income tax rip-off, i.e., the XVIth Amendment.
  2. The Wilson-era XVIIth Amendment and its change in balance of power between the several states and the office of the Chief Executive
  3. A need to limit the length of time legislators can (laughingly) serve the people. Elected officials have become as detestable as the Mafia and just as criminally rich with their unaudited PACs, free this and free that.
  4. The obvious need for a fairer, more acceptable method of financing our national/federal enterprises.
  5. A legislative calendar minus “District work” e.g. campaigning for another 2 or 6 years. What the heck happened to a 40-hour week 50 weeks a year? The past three Congresses have been a catastrophic disaster.
  6. “We have to pass it so we can find out what is in it!” Before any legislation is voted upon, it must be posted for a minimum of one week or more on the House/Senate websites for citizen examination and comment. C-Span is an additional tool to inform, on a MUST-KNOW basis, We the People as to what is transpiring in Washington. WE are NOT happy with chicanery and untimely surprises.
  7. The only currency worth a hoot is backed by gold and silver. Put the Federal Reserve in its true place, as an arm of and not the boss of the United States Treasury. That was our first and likely worst Democrat President Andrew Jackson’s only real contributions when he rid the nation of the Second National Bank.
  8. Since The United States of America is a Judeo-Christian Democratic Republic, there must be a simple, singular, understanding; a legal and godly marriage is the union of a biological male and a biological female only. Not some bestial homosexual relation between members of the same sex or between a woman/man and the dog. Organizations such as the North American Man-Boy Love Association has no validity in a Judeo-Christian Republic; it is ludicrous, blatantly oppressive, and illegal.
  9. This nation must recognize abortion for what it is relative to the age of the developing embryo/fetus. By scientific consensus, At week 9 of a female’s pregnancy, the growing embryo becomes a viable human being. In any event, even the embryo is a pre-human entity, a creation of God. The mother’s decision is the only one which has any validity; this decision is vital, but it is between the mother and her God and NO ONE ELSE! From week 10 onward, she is dealing with a viable (living) human inside her. If the mother decides to terminate this CHILD, it does, in fact, constitute MURDER! The mother has the last word; if she consents to this murder, the sin is between her and her personal God, and the individual who performs the abortion/murder may or may not be charged with felony murder. This matter must be made a subject of clearly-articulated federal law. It must be noted here that those states which have abolished the death penalty for the crime of MURDER are acting counter to the commandments of Our Heavenly Father. I will not quote Gospel, but in substance we are COMMANDED to put to death “He who kills a Human.”
  10. We, and our flawed and unconscionable government, allowed the atheistic malcontents to get their way and removed God and the flag from the classrooms of our most vulnerable citizens, our children. The Bible was, in our beginnings as “God’s Chosen Republic,” the first book to which children were exposed, at that time known as the Geneva Bible, brought to these shores by our Puritan/Pilgrim ancestors. By age 6 or 7, the offspring of the pilgrims could recite from memory pertinent passages from the Bible that they not only read, but STUDIED and lived by. In order that this nation get back in step with our Founders’ guiding words, we MUST put God and Country back into our children’s classrooms. Failure to do so will inevitably result in the further decline of our morality, our charity, our ambitions, our world leadership, our incontestable exceptionalism and our innate good and godliness.

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)
326 F Nantucket Lane
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831
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