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(Feb. 1, 2017) — “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a special edition of ‘Pulse of the Nation.’ Our editor received a rather cryptic call this afternoon about meeting with a spook, so here we are in the alley behind our building, next to the third dumpster at the appointed time. I’m to stand looking west and the camera is not supposed to leave my face.

And here comes what looks like a homeless Veteran, carrying a sign that says ‘Homeless Veteran. Don’t want nobody’s help. Leave me alone.’ Hello, you wouldn’t be the spook that we’re to meet, are you?”

“Am I the spook you’re to meet? Why don’t you broadcast it for everyone to hear?”

“Well, actually we are.”

“Ah, heck with it. I was getting sick and tired of this disguise anyway.”

“Let me ask you this: what kind of information can you get in that outfit?”

“You wouldn’t believe it.”

“You may be right about that. May I ask you what government agency you work for and what are you supposed to learn?”

“No problem. I work as a subcontractor for the Department of Commerce and it’s my job to determine the state of our economy. The more people who throw money at me the worse our economy, and vice-versa for a booming economy.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because if the economy is good there’s all kinds of jobs, so no one has an excuse not to be employed. And if there’s jobs to be had it’s hard to feel any compassion for a lazy bum, isn’t it?”

“So are you saying that you’re a poll-taker for the Department of Commerce? How much are they paying you?”

“Well, since I’m under cover and am a spook, I can tell you. They pay me ONE HECK OF A LOT, 7 figures: after taxes.”

“No lie?”

“Cross my heart.”

“So do you have a company name and phone number and address?”

“The company’s name could be, but it’s not, but it could be ‘Honest International Pollster Company, Inc.’ The mailing address, the physical address, is a rental post office box in Langley, Virginia. The phone is my cell phone, the very one I called your editor on. And I get paid by direct deposit.”

“Do you work hard? I mean, is it hard work? Is it dangerous?”

“Well, you got to be on your toes; I mean, being on the street is a very dangerous place. If the cops don’t hassle you then the mean-spirited homeless ones try and steal from you or try to beat you up, just for fun. Lot of bad people out on the streets, take my word for it.”

“I do. You told my editor that you had some rather important news. Okay, I’m all ears.”

“You know about this so-called ‘Let’s keep the bad terrorists out ban,’ right?”

“Yes; go on.”

“Well, it goes like this: a couple applies to immigrate or a family wants to immigrate with children; maybe it’s a single mother or a pregnant mother. Okay, they’re in, and they’re Muslim. So the children grow up and go to a Muslim school, go to a mosque where they learn, in Chapter 1 of the Quran, ‘kill the Jews and the Christians wherever Ye may find them.’ And, no, I’m not saying each and every one of them will grow up to be a suicide bomber, but why chance it? Why?”

“Well, no reason except we shouldn’t chance it, now, should we? Now we know why the IDF never had any problem bombing wherever the rockets were fired from to hit Israel, even if it was a school, because little Muslims grow up to become big Muslims who just like to kill because that’s what they do.”

“Let me see if I’ve got this right: little Muslims are welcomed into the USA only to grow up to become terrorists, is that it?”

“God gave you a brain but it’s up to you to use it. This so-called temporary ban on Muslims doesn’t make a lick of sense, now, really, does it?”

“Well, not it you put it that way.”

“The flaw in Trump’s logic is that there’s no such thing as a temporary ban; just ask anyone who lives in Israel. Little Muslims grow up loving the Sharia and FGM and ‘honor killings,’ okay? Allowing Muslims in puts our women at risk: fact of life. Puts every American at risk.”

“Yes, I can see that. The mosques and the Wahhabi schools are everywhere; the Muslim Boot Camps that they call ‘Islamovilles,’ over 22 of them, are scattered throughout our country. Obama instructed the FBI not to put them under surveillance. I wonder if Trump lifted that particular ban, or do terrorists have civil rights?”

“Okay, we get your point: Muslims are Muslims no matter where they live. That they kill everyone is no surprise: they’ll kill a German as fast as they’ll kill a person in France or England or America or anywhere else around the world, including their fellow Muslims. What do they care? In the name of Allah, a blood cult if there ever was one. Our time has expired and so, on behalf of the crew, I’ll be wishing you all a goodnight: Goodnight.

“Good show. Well, we sure learned about the fatal flaw, didn’t we? Vetting is a waste of time; and extreme vetting is just a bigger waste of time. They’ve been on a murdering rampage for over a thousand years, over 1,400 years: wouldn’t you think we’d put an end to it all by now, and letting them into our country sure is one stupid thing to do, isn’t it? Vetting is just another excuse for a ‘Fatal Flaw.’ By the way: nice camera work. Hey, how about joining us for a burger, and we’ll even let you, Mr. Millionaire, buy.”




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    DONALD TRUMP, don’t let them beat you up on this.

    Try this formula to make “AMERICA FIRST” for free:


    Jihad murder and mayhem is a worldwide muslim community problem, not a problem for western nations to inherit and attempt to “fix”.

    Moron Merkel and so many other “do-gooders” are inheriting head-harvesting muslims for what? For what? To ease their minds until their minds are severed off for their stupid invisible thinking? What fools our western leaders are on this “muslim community problem”. ME FIRST, AMERICA FIRST NOT IMPORTED MURDERERS FIRST!

    DC = PC = BS

    INVISIBLE ISLAMIC THINKING IS COMBATIBLE, NOT COMPATIBLE, WITH CONSTITUTIONAL THINKING (just look at the harm and humiliation America’s first caliphate candidate, Barry Soetoro-Obama II, inflicted on America 08-28-08- TODAY for proof positive)!

    WESTERN NATIONS: is it sharia mind-slavery you want? For what? For what?

    Wake the f up! islamic thought is an acquired mental illness rebooted five times a day since 630 AD!

    U.S. Government: you self-serving minions have no right to extort heart-earned tax-dollars to fund importation of Middle East KORAN-COMPELLED MURDERERS! Where did we give you that right to threatened our families and neighborhoods USING OUR TAX DOLLARS TO FUND STATESIDE MURDER AND MAYHEM?