Alinsky Said it Best


by TPATH Contributor RoseAnn Salanitri, ©2017

(Jan. 30, 2017) — History is replete with a plethora of infamous characters who lead many astray.  To be sure, they are as brilliant as they are conniving, and they are as charismatic as they are evil.  Unfortunately, they have other things in common as well: their inspiring words have wreaked havoc on their naive followers and all those who have had the misfortune of being subject to them. One such character is Saul Alinsky, who was one of the more effective modern-day illusionists.  Alinsky, an admirer of Lucifer, has had the allegiance of many elitists that have prospered by his teachings through the beguiling of those whom he called “useful idiot” (Hillary Clinton being among them).  He acknowledged two roots of power: money and people, and through his deceptive teachings, the generals in his war against the American way have amassed quantities of both.

So, just who are Alinsky’s “useful idiots?” These unthinking and duplicitous foot soldiers in the war against nationalism are today’s threat to our Constitutional Republic that ties the greedy and power-hungry hands of their demigods. These misguided do-gooders are easy to identify.  They are part of the Occupy Wall Street gang that didn’t have a clue about what they were protesting and yet were willing to spew hate and display their degenerate behavior against an unknown and unidentified enemy, one of whom their protests were being financed by.

  • They are those that feigned horror at Trump’s verbal assaults against a Gold Star family, and yet spit on two Gold Star families being honored during the inaugural ceremony galas.
  • They are those who label others that disagree with them as “intolerant” but in so doing, portray the epitome of the label themselves.
  • They are those who were horrified that Trump would dare to challenge election results and called his possible actions undemocratic, but they are the same gang of useful idiots that are now doing their best to challenge his triumph over their icon of malevolence.  According to the standard they proclaimed, they have now become the undemocratic political contingent whose illogical and misguided narratives that can also bestow upon them the label of dementi-crats.
  • They are those that dismissed and ridiculed any claims of Obama’s constitutional illegitimacy and now are claiming Trump’s illegitimacy – although he complied with all constitutional requirements.
  • They are those that cringe at any signs of wealth but never said a word about Michelle Obama’s outrageous spending on a staff that would embarrass royalty or vacation expenditures that would make even the wealthiest among us blush.
  • They are those that mocked Ivanka Trump for wearing an expensive bracelet that was part of her private clothing/jewelry line but admired Michelle Obama’s over-the-top expensive purses and ball gowns.
  • They are those that demanded to see Trump’s taxes but never demanded to see the Clinton Foundation’s accountings or Hillary’s emails.
  • They are those that gasp at the possibility of Russia’s role in exposing the Clinton emails but never expressed a hoot of concern about what the emails contained.
  • They are those that were horrified that Clinton emails were leaked but accepted the pardon of Chelsea Manning without so much as a whimper.
  • They are those that crucified George W. Bush for accepting bad information regarding WMDs but never said a word about Hillary’s incompetence regarding Benghazi.
  • They are those that praised Jim Comey for recommending that no charges be brought against Hillary but condemned him for re-opening the investigation.
  • They are those that label capitalists as greed mongers, all while demanding that they are entitled to the fruits of the labor of others.
  • They are those who quickly condemn white police as racists when they defend themselves against black aggressors – even before the facts are in – but fail to recognize that their condemnation is inherently racist itself since it is based on nothing other than the color of one’s skin.
  • They are those that are insulted by Trump’s crass sexist words made in private but are willing to excuse Bill Clinton’s criminal sexual actions.
  • They are those who are in solidarity with the Women’s March protesting the possible outlawing of their right to kill their own babies as a threat to women’s rights, but are sympathetic to those countries where women are something less than second-class citizens and have no rights at all.
  • They are those claiming the Electoral College is unfair while supporting the unfair advantage urban districts would have over the rest of the country should it be abolished and mob rule instituted.​
  • They are those that claim science proves global warming but discount the fact that science supports life beginning at conception – or at least at 3 1/2 weeks when there is a heartbeat.

Yes, the country is full of useful idiots, and unfortunately they can often been seen across media outlets of all kinds that validate their idiocy.  As for the rest of us, perhaps we would be wise not to indulge them but let them go the way of the Dodos, who should be declared their mascot of choice – a choice that befits their illogical and demented mindsets.​

2 Responses to "Alinsky Said it Best"

  1. JONATHAN DAVID MOOERS   Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 5:50 PM

    Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen King, Meryl Streep, Bill Ayers, Barry Soetoro and Michelle Soetoro, and so, so many other “UNGRATEFULS”, fit into this category:

    They suck off America’s exceptionalism and trample on America’s flag at the same time.

    Here’s Theft Left’s Bill, Barry, Nancy and Axelrod assassinating America’s cherished values:

    They are jealous of others, and since they resent or resist working to earn fortunes for themselves, THEY WANT TO ANGRILY ROB SUCCESS AND WEALTH FROM OTHERS AS CARD-CARRYING AND CLUB-CARRYING MEMBERS OF THE “LIVE EVIL THEFT LEFT”!

    Looting ungrateful African-unAmericans, head-harvesting sharia mind-slaves, “victimhood” hoods, open border “dreamers” and such are most likely jealous folks, many of whom spend more time with their brains processing drugs than dreams.


    THE THEFT LEFT: resentfully living off the work of others…dead beats living off the heartbeats of others!



    noun | jeal·ou·sy |\ˈje-lə-sē\

    Definition of jealousy for English Language Learners:

    an unhappy or angry feeling of wanting to have what someone else has

  2. Jeffrey Harrison   Monday, January 30, 2017 at 7:19 PM

    Dear Sharon and all who contribute articles at The Post & Email. To me, knowledge is power. I get lots of info and knowledge here to support my efforts in contacting
    Congress and other…

    I sense telling/having the truth and having good and up – to – date info is a powerful tool. The articles here aid me all the time. As I talk with people or send correspondence to friends or people I meet along the way, I am grateful you’s are just a click away. Thanks so much, without yous, it would be more difficult to
    inform others…


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