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(Jan. 29, 2017) — For eight years Democrats and Establishment Republicans refused to see Obama as a constitutionally-ineligible person in the Office of the President. An illegal in the highest office was a slam to the U.S. Constitution and the requirements of [natural born Citizen] ie. born in the U.S. to Citizen of which not a single law suit will come upon President Donald Trump because, and get this quote out of U.S. Supreme Court Case Minor v. Happersett, “There is no doubt” about those born in the country to its Citizens.

President Trump just issued a 3 month ban on the citizens of seven war torn countries from entering the U.S. and the Democrats go nuts without any recollection of the pain that we have suffered and endured for eight years? Now what? The ship changes course and the boat gets rocked and “What United States Constitutional Protection” should they turn towards in their next eight years of pain?

What value have they given the U.S. Constitution who they seek desperately to save them now from President Trump’s Executive Powers? How they encouraged Obama to rule by fiat and now that fiat turned upon them?
Establishment Express Alarm

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, the chamber’s senior Republican, asked Trump to modify his order, noting that many of his Mormon ancestors were refugees from religious persecution.
Democrats in Congress roundly criticized the order, as did some Republicans including Hatch, Arizona’s Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse of Nebraska


Can there be any denial that is not delusion to understand the long-form birth certificate was a fake, a fraud, a forgery in the face of Americans? And you think this has caused no pain? How Democrat reporters railed upon the Birthers? Now they are wailing about Executive Orders they once encouraged from Obama?

@HillaryClinton Help? ExOrder barring Iran Iraq Libya Somalia Sudan Syria & Yemen Citizens or Obama? #Dems #Birther https://t.co/aOltsbAovj
— Cody Robert Judy2017 (@CodyRobertJudy) January 29, 2017

And now nothing short of an impeachment or a reckoning that Obama was in fact unconstitutional and the voters by that fraud have been defrauded out of the political circumstances our elections have been held under for the last three elections, that are now cause for a new election, can legally be turned to.

Has Hillary Rodham Clinton now acting to become the head of the coup against Trump as Federal Judges have their orders tossed in the can, decided the Constitution should be followed on Obama’s ineligibility, or does she just want chaos to be the scorn of her political loss? This is what happens when you get popular politicians who think themselves above the Law. Yet, the Law still asks for their help with a hand extended.

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  1. The left is screaming about leaving out Saudi Arabia since 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis. I agree with them here. They are right and although I stand with President Trump, this criticism has much value. It is far too obvious that there is a money connection between the Saudis and this federal government. There is a lot of business that is transacted between the Saudi family and sale of military, oil production, and airliners between us but, the Saudis have broken every single agreement they had with the United States. They are no friend in the UN and are found to be financing mosques and paying people to live here.

    The Saudis are responsible for the oil embargo in the 1970’s that sparked a rise in fuel costs we have yet to recover from. Overnight gasoline went from 29 cents a gallon to 79 cents and continued to escalate. Sources I am aware of say that the true cost of gasoline should be below the $1.50 a gallon mark with the new oil finds and production increases along with efficiency gains in the automotive industry.

    The federal government also has a hand in the rise in oil costs by keeping oil producing land away from production and increasing costly regulations. Tax from oil revenue has been used not for the intended purpose and we hear the call for increased fuel taxes. Much of the fuel tax revenue is used for city parks, bike lanes, urban projects that leave the intended targets new bridges and roads in the dust.

    It is another act of cowardice to leave the Saudis off the no fly list after what was done on 9-11 and what the Saudis continue to do against this country. They have the most dangerous sect of islam that is financing universities in this country………..