by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 23, 2017) — On Saturday, a petition was launched asking the Trump administration and Congress to review the dishonorable discharge of former US Army flight surgeon Dr. Terry Lakin in 2011 for having refused to obey orders as a result of his doubt that Barack Hussein Obama that the constitutional eligibility requirements to serve.

As of Monday morning, the petition is showing only one signature despite dozens and perhaps hundreds of individuals having signed it.

The Post & Email has contacted the White House through its online portal to ask if any technical difficulties exist which might cause the petition’s reflection of signatures to be inaccurate.

The petition can be signed here:

The Post & Email received an acknowledgement of its message:

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  1. Suggest those signing the petition print or otherwise save a copy of the page that confirms that the signature has been verified. The page says, “You’ve successfully signed the petition below. Your signature has been verified and counted.”

    The page also displays a URL similar to this one: You can use your URL to confirm that your signature remains on record by pasting the URL into your browser.

  2. Let’s ask the people providing technical support for the site to abstract and publish the query that populates the web page with the list of petitions available for signature. Should they do so, we can look for a condition that excludes those not to be made available. And, to abstract and publish the query that displays the petition for LTC Lakin.

  3. This counter needs to be cleared up immediately and all signatures accounted for since 1-20-17.

    If we get a government run-around, may have to re-start this petition AFTER SIGNATURE COUNTER FULLY OPERATIVE.

    Also, Big Mike and BO[ZO] are already using our extorted heart-earned tax-dollars to form a world-wide trouble-making Trump-undermining foundation:

    Bill and Hillary: The Clinton RICO Foundation

    Big Mike and BO[ZO]: The Obama RIOT Foundation