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(Jan. 6, 2017) — Our speakers include Michael Gaddy (our note: many of you have read his articles over the years & have expressed interest in hearing/meeting him in person, here is your chance) who is a premier constitutional scholar who has studied, written and taught on the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, the founding era and transparency for over 30 years. Additionally, Bill Ray Lewis, retired school superintendent and widely recognized in Arkansas as one of the foremost experts on the Freedom of Information Act and advocate for the public’s “right to know” about the business of government. 

The mission of the Transparency in Government Group of Western Arkansas is to ensure maximum transparency and openness in governmental affairs involving taxpayer monies. As an example, objectives of the group are to encourage the public to learn how to legitimately question governmental officials, encourage the public to become familiar with the respective procedures to access information from governmental agencies, and encourage timely notification and disclosure of all public meetings and open disclosure of any decisions reached during those meetings  To be held in the Judge Parker conference room. Free admission.

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