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by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 4, 2017) — The power of attorney for an injured U.S. Army soldier held for three months without explanation or diagnosis at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) informed The Post & Email on Wednesday evening that the soldier has been discharged from the hospital to the care of a family member.

On December 29, the soldier was relocated from Walter Reed to a Veterans Administration hospital in his home state close to relatives in anticipation of discharge on January 3.

Despite his release from the hospital on Wednesday, however, his separation from the Army has not yet occurred.

The soldier’s family continues to pose questions, including the status of a Walter Reed Inspector General’s investigation into the circumstances leading up to the soldier’s sudden hospitalization on September 29.

After the soldier reported having observed extreme misconduct on the part of his superiors in South Korea in 2012, he was sent to Ft. Lee and entered into the Medical Board process, having been labeled “delusional,” “schizophrenic,” and “bipolar,” diagnoses which his POA disputes.

A family member who has closely followed and participated in the soldier’s case has had more than a dozen devices rendered inoperable by remote, electronic means, while the POA reported months of stalking outside of her home which was reported to local police.

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