by Tom Pastore, ©2017

(Jan. 1, 2017) — “DISCLAIMER: This report is provided “as is” for informational purposes only. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within. DHS does not endorse any commercial product or service referenced in this advisory or otherwise. This document is distributed as TLP:WHITE: Subject to standard copyright rules, TLP:WHITE information may be distributed without restriction. For more information on the Traffic Light Protocol, see”

The above disclaimer is the one you will see on the alleged “earth-shaking” joint report from Obama’s alleged “Intelligence Agencies” on the hallucinatory-filled Russian hacking “scandal.” Point-in-fact, this appears to be just a rehash of what was known and reported on months ago. The content is a warning on what the Russians or others, for that matter, may be able to do, in the way of hacking. There is NO definitive data, no documentation or any confirmed hacking and/or accessing of anyone’s campaign information, that can be confirmed as being done by “Russians.” Certainly this is nothing referencing the “swaying” of the recent election in anyone’s favor.

*The cited disclaimer confirms that the information provided in the report cannot be confirmed, not is it of any primary, high-security concern to Obama, as it has been labeled Traffic Light Protocol: White.”

A review of government standards and protocol shows that TLP-White carries the designation, “When information carries minimal or no foreseeable risk of misuse, in accordance with applicable rules and procedures for public release. Subject to standard copyright rules, TLP:WHITE information may be distributed without restriction.”

In other words, months ago, as well as presently, Obama’s “Intelligence Agencies” didn’t see any concern or high priority breach of intelligence or alleged “hacking” that would have given them any great concern. The report is and was merely a warning about the potential breaches that could come from others, known or unknown. This is another fabrication comparable to all the other fabrications that have come down the D.C. Propaganda Highway in the last eight years.

What this does demonstrate is the inability of Obama to handle the loss of this election and the eventual deterioration of a legacy that was always and only in one’s own mind.

Seeking someone else to blame may be a serious flaw in one’s discipline that does not allow him to see or accept that he is imperfect.

The irony of all this is that Obama ends his administration with a disclaimer that is more appropriate as regards his eight years of dismal performance. When he took the oath of office, he should have included the phrases that truly reflected his intent, such as:

“Oath Disclaimer”:  “In spite of the oath I am forced to take, of upholding this country’s Constitution, my words do not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information you may think comes attached to terms such as ‘Hope and Change.’ I can promise only that I will talk about myself more than I will talk about what America really needs. I will tell you what you need to hear and then do what I think I should do….after all, I am your Leader. Remember:  this country wasn’t “built by you;” someone else built it, and that was ME!”

How sad that America must now pick itself up from the ruins of his discontent and indifference to the real needs of America. His leading these United States “from behind” allowed him to ignore the destruction he caused for all of us. It will take years, maybe decades before we truly understand what destruction any fool can cause in taking down a country! How ironic it is to end his administration (as per his own instructions), with a disclaimer that is more applicable to himself than towards his delusional allegations against others.

Thomas Pastore/Vietnam Veteran/USMC…sadly, even a fool can be elected…..Only in America!

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  1. Once the mainstream (read: Democrat) media gets hold of a soundbite they just can’t seem to let go. “Hack” vs. “leak” is a prime example.