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(Dec. 28, 2016) — Obama reached back to 1906 to employ The Antiquities Act to snatch 1.35 million acres mainly in Utah with a swath in Nevada today.

The Washington Post

Now non-Resident “…Obama on Wednesday created new national monuments in a sacred tribal site in southeastern Utah and in a swath of Nevada desert, after years of political fights over the fate of the areas.

“The designations further cement Obama’s environmental legacy as one of the most consequential — and contentious — in presidential history. He now has invoked his executive power to create national monuments 29 times during his tenure, establishing or expanding protections for more than 553 million acres of federal lands and waters.”

Republican Utah U.S. Representative Jason Chaffetz said he was “outraged” by the designation, saying Obama’s decision “politicizes a long-simmering conflict” but did nothing to prevent it having received November 22nd, 2016 the Emergency Impeachment Petition of Constitutionally Ineligible defacto President [*1See the Petitions Sent to Republican Controlled U.S. House and U.S. Senate below]

Another Utah Elected Official, Republican U.S. Senator Mike Lee, made a Facebook response having learned of the Obama Federal King Land-Grab in Utah. Within the first 5,000 views Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy, also a resident of Utah, piped up on the hypocrisy shown by Utah’s elected officials who have received now actual forensically expert established evidence Obama is a fraud but have not made a move to do anything about it.

Congress was in session one week in November and one week in December, having received this Petition and Appeal at the beginning of the session in November. They had ample time to read it at the beginning of the session in November, and they could have taken it home for a month and had a vote on it in December before they adjourned. It’s not like they can’t have a hearing within a week as the FBI hearing with James Comey was called in order within a week of his announcement Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would not be charged officially.

CRJ Comment: At 3 minutes and 22 Seconds
Sen. Mike Lee, you received this and did what? Nothing? Why not start with supporting Art.II, Sect. 1, C-5?
Check it out:
(November 22, 2016)
Here’s Why?
SCOTUS 14-9396 Dismissed by Denied Forma Pauperis Motion.

Read the rest here.

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  1. Like I said, DO NOT RE-ELECT any member of this Congress – not one. Even the ones you think you like have lied to you. Give President Trump an entirely new congress that will work with him and uphold their oath of office. That’s OUR power. And next time one of the self-interested globalists goes back on his word, make sure they are removed. Also, please think twice before supporting ANY candidate for president with even a hint of doubt surrounding his eligibility.