by Michael Gaddy, ©2016

Sir Edmund Burke

(Dec. 22, 2016) — “Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.” ~ Sir Edmund Burke

It does not take any great level of discernment to understand the great experiment in Liberty brought forth by those among the founders referred to as Anti-Federalists is in its death throes. Emma Goldman was correct; people do not want to be free, they want to be comfortable, even if that comfort is derived, all be it short-lived, by the acceptance of abject socialism. The historical fact that all socialist governments end in mass genocide is lost on those who are enjoying the short-term, feel-good emotions of Marxist-inspired ignorance.

There are two factions in this country who bear somewhat equal responsibility for the demise of Liberty and Freedom. On the Left, better known as “liberals” or “progressives,” are those who see government as a deity or a parent. That is why many regress from young adults to toddlers after spending hundreds of thousands of their parents’ money or go deeply into debt attending today’s temples of  “education.” Even the once-proud Virginia Military Institute now provides cadets, future military officers, with coloring books to alleviate stress.

On the Right are those who label themselves as “conservatives.” But, truth be told, all they are truly conserving are varying levels and degrees of socialism. They make all types of claims for small government, constitutional rights, and freedom, but believe all they have to do to acquire those things is to vote. Beyond that, all they have to lean on is “hope.” In most instances, these so-called “conservatives” are much more dangerous than the liberal-progressives to the concepts of Liberty. This group never insists that their candidate actually supports our Constitution and Bill of Rights; all they require for undying allegiance is the will to oppose the other team. Conservatives do not truly desire constitutional government; what they want is to vote for a winner.

When a conservative’s preferred candidate fails to adhere to their campaign promises and reverts back to socialist principles, conservatives become angry when those transgressions are pointed out. They demand that their chosen one be given “time” to actually see what they will do. History is a study of time and that study reveals the “hope” they have placed in their candidates in the past, hardly, if ever, materializes. Although “hope springs eternal” in the heart of a conservative, hope is neither a course of action nor a force multiplier.

Those with the courage to face the largest army on the planet in 1775 did so with actions. They did not try to vote King George III out of office nor did they sit on their backsides and hope. Patrick Henry told conformists of the day that one could sit and “listen to the siren song of hope until they were transformed into beasts.” Henry’s prognostication has come to full bloom in 2016. Such is the price of historical ignorance. But, in today’s national security world, those brave Rebels at Lexington Green or Concord on April 19, 1775 would be considered domestic terrorists.

Conservatives believe all they are required to do to secure Liberty is to make sure they vote. Voting to a conservative is analogous to some form of sacred religious sacrament, and if they partake of that sacrament, in their collective minds, no further actions are required. Most are completely oblivious to the wisdom of H.L. Mencken and his admonition that “Giving every man a vote has no more made men wise and free than Christianity has made them good.”

Almost every conservative will regale you with their beliefs on the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but sit idly by each year as 500,000+ unborn children are murdered, many times using their tax dollars to accomplish the immoral deed. But, not to worry, they can still vote and they can still sit on their backsides watching sports on TV and “hope” the next candidate they vote for does better than the last one.

Liberal/progressives are very open in their love of socialism and their belief that they are entitled to the property of others. Their minds have been indoctrinated in the Public Fool System and by TV, the media and movie programming. They see their government as some form of deity which will forever clothe, feed and shelter them. They believe they are entitled to everything and required to do nothing to earn it. Conservatives hate these liberals for their beliefs but vote for candidates who cater to the liberal’s every wish while claiming to oppose them. That is correct; conservatives love a hypocrite and will vote for them every time because such actions represents most accurately the philosophy to which they pay homage.

Conservatives will tell you they are “constitutionalists” but vote consistently for candidates who exhibit little to no knowledge of the limitations placed on their actions by our Constitution. If these hypocrites really wanted constitutional government, they had the opportunity to vote for it in 2008 and 2012 with Ron Paul, but, instead, went with the socialist/traitor/Manchurian Candidate John McCain in 2008 and the originator of government-sponsored healthcare and the candidate who signed into law a provision banning the ownership of semi-automatic weapons with Willard “Mitt” Romney in 2012. There could never be a better indicator of the hypocrisy of the so-called right than the above. They consistently vote against their own interests if only that vote will produce a “winner.” Again, most self-proclaimed conservatives are hypocrites; they care nothing for constitutional government, all they want is to be on the winning team, even if that team is totally socialist.

Being a winner is the very reason conservatives embrace American Exceptionalism or the belief that whatever America does is OK, regardless of whether it is constitutional, moral or if they have condemned other countries for the same actions. Again, hypocrisy rises to the surface; it is OK if I do it, but wrong if others do the same. Conservatives believe even though America is the only country to have used weapons of mass destruction, only America and its allies should have them. Conservatives proclaim their rights to have the necessary weapons to protect themselves from a tyrannical government but rail against other countries who want weapons to protect themselves from the same tyrannical government the conservative claims to fear.

Those on the Right claim to support our Bill of Rights, but the politicians they vote for, in many cases, introduce legislation to abolish Trial by Jury (7th Amendment) in order to protect the interests of big business simply because elements of big business and their lobbyists provide more campaign cash than does the individual whom they profess to represent.

Professor Carroll Quigley, an insider with the power cabal, warned us 50 years ago that there was no significant difference between the political parties, that elections were only a well-orchestrated charade to make the people think they were “kicking the rascals out” every election cycle, but there would be no significant changes in the direction the government would take. But, those on the right of the political spectrum keep trying to prove Quigley wrong. They also are determined to prove Albert Einstein wrong as well for he stated the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. But, not to worry, all the conservatives really want is for their socialist to beat your socialist. Being the winning hypocrite is all that matters.

The condition upon which God has given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.” ~ John Phillip Curran, 1750-1817 Irish lawyer, orator, and judge.


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