by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 20, 2016) — Last week, The Post & Email sent a return letter to an inmate at the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) in Hartsville, TN requesting more information on an incident said by a number of prisoners and their relatives to have occurred on Thanksgiving Day at the troubled and understaffed facility run by CoreCivic, formerly CCA.

The inmate has been a source of what The Post & Email believes to be reliable and accurate information for the months he has spent at TTCC after his transfer there from a state-run facility elsewhere in the state.

While he did not observe the incident directly, he wrote that “two gangs that got into (illegible) which were the Crips and the Bloods both black gangs they come from D Building C. Building and E. Building Fighting in the Rec cage and outside of C. Building.”

His identification of the gang members allegedly involved in the fight coincides with another inmate’s report of the incident.

“They made all the guys in the end rec yard which can be seen from the WD pod crawl out backwards on their hands and knees,” he continued.  “They cuffed them all with the plastic hand cuff zip tie type.”

Concluding his recollection of the incident, he said, “Now my view is limited so I cannot tell you much more because we have been on lock down every since.” [sic]

He also provided specifics on the many reported deficiencies within the prison which the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) has routinely denied.

Among the items the inmate mentioned which correspond to those cited by others are cold food; disrespectful and at times obscene treatment on the part of correction officers; the facility being in a state of lockdown since Thanksgiving Day; drug-dealing being permitted by facility staff; and medications dispensed inconsistently.

This particular inmate also alleged that an entry within the TOMIS system designates him as employed within the prison when that is not the case.

Parts of his letter describing the aforementioned points follow.


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  1. I was a inmate there in 2016-2017 and I am released now and I’ve been to every prison in this state and trousdale is the worst one .it is the gang land of prisons in tn . There is 3000 inmates there and 2700 are gang members. The co’s r not regular co’s they are a private security agency who is contracted to just come to work and turn the key. But. They do not care cause they are not taught or processed like the tdoc co’s.i had a cellphone and my cell door was open 24hrs a day all because I ask the co to leave it alone I was outside running around at 3am n the morning, and yes it is rough on some inmates there but it’s like any other prison ,YOU DO NOT GET ROBBED OR BEAT UP FOR NO REASON!!!!!! THERE IS A REASON YOUR IN DOPE DEBT OR SOME DEBT OF SOME KIND!!!!!so remember that things dont happen for no reason I was never in debt and I’m a 34 year old white guy and I never had a problem cause I stayed away from drugs and poker and gangs …so there’s a reason….ppl make up stories to get money to get high I saw it everyday….somebody dont come jump on you in prison just to come jump on you you have to do something to them . I was there on Thanksgiving 2016 during the crips and bloods gang fight in the same pod I was on the phone when it started and nobody once bothered me and they were stabbing each other all around me and still nuttn happened to me …..because I did not owe or was not in debt or a gang member …but yes it is a bad and ruthless place and dangerous but if u stay out a debt you’ll be just fine thank you!!

  2. I have a son there who gets threats all the time he has lost weight has bad skin rash from the dirty water that he showers in I do worry for his life an health.he has never been treated this bad.he can’t get counselor’s to help him .he can’t get in programs .they never go out to get fresh air.its inhumane.this place need to shut down .I pray he can survive the crime in there an makes it home alive.they are not animals an where is there constitutional rights??

  3. My son is in this hell hole. They have stolen most of his clothes. His Tv was broken. I was denied a vist because I refused to leave my head scarf off during my vist even after I explained I had cancer and had radiation burns on my head. I agreed to go in private to be searched and my scarf removed. I was told it would have to remain off the entire visit or no visit. My son hates this place. He wants to be transferred anyplace but there.

    This place needs to be closed until they find competant employees and officers. The inmates are locked down 23 hours or more daily. They are written up for no reason. It is ridiculous the way they are treated. I wish there was a way to transfer my son to a different facility. Not only my son ALL OF THEM need to get away from that place.

    My son does not even have a way to get commissary because of some screw up made now he has a 300 dollar charge on his books that has to be paid at once before he can recieve money. I cant do that not all at once.

  4. I hope all of you that are commenting realize that it isn’t only dangerous for you family members that are in there, but also for the COs. Do any of you have any idea how many are being stabbed or hurt? No? Didn’t think so. It’s not just about what happens to the inmates but what is happening to the officers. My husband is here on TDY for the next few months and he’s been assaulted. You want to complain about them being on lock down all the time, but it’s because of the inmates. Assaulting officers and popping locks on their doors, leaving their cells when they aren’t supposed to and many other things. If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t try and make the inmates look like victums.

    1. The Post & Email has expressed concern for both inmates and corrections staff on many occasions and in letters written to authorities. An untenable situation can lead to injury on both sides. Part of the problem seems to be that gang members have free reign over some of the facilities.

      The Post & Email stands against all violence and has welcomed overtures from those currently or formerly employed in any prison to come forward with their accounts of conditions inside. Identities can remain undisclosed as long as proof of current or former employment in the position claimed is sufficiently provided.

  5. My two sons are in Trousdale Turner. I fear for my oldest son . He gets beat up on daily bases . Every day that he called me 4 or 5 guys go in his cell and beat him up over his younger brother oweing people and got moved now they think my oldest son has to pay for it.Imso afraid he’s going to be killed. He is weak and sick has lost 80pounds . something needs to be done . Maby hire guards that will do there job. Plus put real hot food in there. If the matter isn’t taken care of I will talk with Lamar Alexander Our Senator

  6. I have a sin there..he’s been in prison before..he never called me crying..except for this prison..not long ago..three men with shanks came in his cell….he had to fight all three of them…constant lockdown..I worry so much for his life…trousdale turner guards should be arrested for assault..losing ur freedom is bad enough..and then to be abused as well..I pray so hard for my son…something needs to be done…guards keep abusing inmates could cause a riot..and if so..well deserved

  7. My son arrived at Trousdale a few days ago. He was at Turney Center a few years back and he had no violent charges and not even today. Why does he need to be housed with the worst of the worst. Gangs shouldn’t be allowed to form in prison. I want my son out of there. I know he’s afraid. I couldn’t live afraid of each and every day. I’d find a way to die. I’ve cried every day all day since I found out where he was. Where’s the people that take care of our people. There’s never any help

  8. My son has been at TTCF since Oct, 2016. He says it is the worst prison he has ever been in. They are on almost constant lockdown due to gang fights. In January he was severely beaten up by a gang, to the point he could barely get out of bed, or walk. He was finally taken to a civilian hospital ER where he was diagnosed with internal bleeding from an unknown source. He was told he would be given a colonoscopy, which he still has not had, 3 months later. My son has also lost about 30 pounds in a month. He finally was allowed to go on sick call, and was told by the infirmary staff that he would be given pain meds and 3 Boosts a day. Within just a few days he stopped receiving both items, without having seen medical staff again. He is afraid for his health and wonders if he will live till he gets out in June.

  9. ***If you have a loved one who is housed at Turner Trousdale Correctional Facility are housed at Trousdale, or are an employee at Trousdale and abuse, neglect, internal have concerns about conditions failure to provide health care, an unsafe, environment, etc, then please contact us. We are working diligently to make the public, law-makers, and others aware of the internal state of the prison at this time in order to effect positive change. Communications will be kept confidential. If you are willing to share your story more publically in our ongoing advocacy work then please let us know.
    Email noexceptionstn@gmail.com or write to us at 1004 Fowler Street, Old Hickory, TN 37138.* Also Contact Alexis Essuman by Email: greatneessanajah@gmail.com

  10. My children father is in there and has been for two years ..he says he hates it and its hard for us to visit him because it take so long for visitation to get approved ..so we tried the video cam were they said he was denied privilege of use. someone help them please

  11. I have a son there who says it is the worst prison he has been in. Food is terrible and there is very little of it. Lockdown is constant and he is in protective custody because a gang member is threatening his life and electricity has been taken out of his cell and he can no longer buy commissary unless he goes back into general population where he fears for his life. He has high blood pressure and hepatitis and his meds are not being given to him. Yes, if this prison is going to be kept open, for goodness sake get someone in there who can run it properly.

  12. TTCC has NOT, I repeat NOT, any water whatsoever for 24 hours. When is the State going to get a Communications Director that doesn’t keep saying, that whatever and however she gets the info about TTCC, it’s all lies. They need to replace Neysa Taylor. You cannot continue to deny something and think it’s all going away. There is going to be something terrible happen at TTCC (worse than the gang uprising of Thanksgiving, which she denies) if someone doesn’t listen and do something! There are at least 2,000 men at this farce of a prison. Someone needs to come off their State holiday and do something humane for these inmates for a change!