Recanvass of Allegheny County Voting Machines Completed


by Sharon Rondeau

The city of Pittsburgh is located in Allegheny County

(Dec. 5, 2016) — At approximately 2:10 p.m. EST, The Post & Email spoke with Allegheny County, PA Elections Division Manager Mark Wolosik, who said that the county’s “recanvass” relating to the November 8 election has been completed.

Wolosik was careful to differentiate between a “recanvass” and “recount.”  The former pertains only to voting machines, which was what was done on Monday.

The inspection of the machine stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein last week which was unexpectedly withdrawn on Saturday evening.

Wolosik told us that “there was no change to the voting machine results from when we finished our final computation on Wednesday the 23trd.”

Ren Jander, JD reported the same results on his blog on Monday but said on Sunday that if the recanvass were to be conducted, it would occur in violation of Pennsylvania election law.

Jander has discussed Pennsylvania’s election law provisions, including the difference between “recounts” and an election “contest,” in great detail since last Monday when Stein filed her lawsuit to “contest” Pennsylvania’s election results.

Without citing any evidence as a basis, Stein supporters have reportedly asked for a “forensic examination” of the machines now that the recanvass has been done.

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