by Anonymous Relative

(Dec. 4, 2016) — [Editor’s Note:  The following was received as a comment on Sunday morning in response to The Post & Email’s June 8, 2016 article titled, “Report: Trousdale Turner Has Incurred Nine Inmate Deaths Since Opening.”

The article referred to the Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (TTCC) in Hartsville, TN, about which The Post & Email has received dozens of complaints from both inmates and their relatives since early spring.

The comment has been sent to TDOC Communications Director Neysa Taylor, who in the past has claimed that all of the reports we have received about the facility and other Tennessee prisons are “inaccurate.”

The Post & Email stands by its reporting on the facility, which is run by CoreCivic, formerly known as Corrections Corporation of America (CCA).  The company’s spokesman has declined to provide comment to this publication.]


Things at Trousdale are worse and getting worse daily. Gang fights, stabbings, inmates locked down 24/7. I have a son there who I never get to see, because it’s too far, because of health reasons. So, I count on his phone calls. I spoke with him last on Thanksgiving. Because of gang violence, they have been on lockdown since and it may be another month before they are free to go back to work, etc. This is abuse and dirty tricks. When CCA – Trousdale Turner – TDOC – Gov Haslam says we are lying, it is they who are lying. How much more truth do they need before they close this farce of a prison? Mass murder? A prison riot? These things will happen if things aren’t changed; if this place isn’t changed to human/humane treatment of prisoners. People are dying because of their neglect. They can’t pass the buck on this one. Does anyone care?

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  1. Hey all of you parents their is something you can do to help…….. RAISE THEM BETTER THEY WANT TO BREAK THE LAW WELL GUESS WHAT A FACILITY WIDE LOCKDOWN IS A VERY REAL POSSIBILITY WHEN YOU ARE INCARCERATED growing up I got disciplined by my folks and I have never been arrested imagine that

  2. Commissioner,Tony Parker should have to answer all these questions,or be fired!As a former inmate with TDOC I have witnessed so much corruption in TDOC.Everything is swept under the rug.Trousdale is a very deadly place and in all honesty I don’t see anything at all being done about it.The problem is CCA is getting rich off the DOC.It should be a law that know one should profit from an inmates sentence.The more crime that happens inside or outside the fence the more money CCA stands to make.This place needs to be shut down or taken over by TDOC.Nobody should be put through what these men have had to withstand.If everyone with a loved one doing time would go to the state capitol and go to Haslems office with there concerns he would have to listen!If not kept out in the open like always its horror will be swept up under the rug and the evil that is going on there will never leave.Trousdale is a boiling cesspool waiting to erupt.And the public acts surprised when a man gets released and the hatred has built up inside him explodes.Reabilation I think not,torture that is what CCA knows and needs to be shut down before more lives are taken.

  3. Yes, I Care I too have a Son at Trousdale Turner. Please tell me what I can do to help with getting our needs met to help our family members.
    They not all have been incarcerated over taking of another’s life, hurting to anyone young or old, not even robbing anyone.
    So, how is it some people feel the need to belittle those families that try so hard to make as much peace in a facility as possible??

  4. They have separated the dangerous people from the not so dangerous people that’s why they are in prison and we are out enjoying our freedom it’s called prison if it was supposed to be like burger King ‘ have it your way’ then it wouldn’t be called prison, they have more privileges in prison than what they deserve they get 3 meals a day in stead of 1 so before I complain about the employees won’t you go try to work there and let everyone tell you they are being mistreated watching HBO laying in a bed while tax payers are footing the bill

  5. Everyone needs to start filing lawsuits against DOC. See how much time DOC wants spend in court defending themselves. Everyone seems to think that DOC answers to no one but in truth everyone answers to the courts. File a lawsuit!

  6. Has anyone found out who we can file complaints with against this prison. I called BBB and commissioner and they wasn’t any help. I wonder if we could get the news to go interview our families.

  7. I have a son at Trousdale. This facility is way out of control. Mixing of the maximum security with the minimum security inmates. They are always on lockdown for gang fights. I have been trying for months to get my son moved back to Bledsoe facility problem is you can never get anyone to answer phone at Trousdale I have called Dept of Corrections can’t get any help there either. My family and I stay under constant worry for my son. He is a first time offender. Just today my daughter and my sons grandparents drove over 3 hours to go visit my son. Once at Trousdale they were gave the run around and then told he could only have visits on Monday and you have to call week in advance and schedule them. My daughter and her dad had just went to visit 2 weeks ago on a Saturday with no issues. I am so frustrated with this place. They need some help I as well as my mom have called the warden and wrote letters with of course no response.

  8. I have a son there also,I very seldom get to visit him.we never know when we will get to talk on the phone and every time he does get to call there has been a stabbing or something that has happened ànd he tells me they are going on lockdown and he doesn’t know when we will get to talk again,all I can do is pray that he missed okay until I can hear his voice again,I agree, something has got to be done,and it’s plain to see that all they want is their pay check,they could care less what happens to our Love ones.

  9. This is all TRUE !!! What can you do about it ? Evidentally NO ONE DOES CARE ! Its really sad that alot of us have family there and they are NOT doing anything to help them we went early morning for visitation an then only got to visit for an hour after driving 4 hours away and usually they are locked down most of the time the employees there dont know how to count it takes them 2 to 4 hours to make sure they still have all their prisoners ? REALLY? Its ridiculous that everytime you go to visitation you have to do something different or wait longer or be told you wont get to go back for a couple more hours so you leave because an employee told you that it was going to be that long an then they take whoevers left on back not even 3 minutes after they told you it would be that long or they cant find your family member what??i am frustrated with this place it makes me upset that NO ONE WILL LISTEN OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE AT ALL HELLO …..YOUR PRISON IS REALLY GOING TO HAVE EVEN MORE DEATHS IF SOMEONE THAT KNOWS WHATS GOING ON THERE DOESNT TAKE SOME KIND OF ACTION…. BUT WHO AM I ?? EXACTLY NO ONE CARES …..WE ARE THE ONES THAT SUFFER ……THAT BEING SAID I HOPE AND PRAY THAT GOD WATCHES OVER EACH AND EVERYONE HOUSED THERE BECAUSE ALL WE CAN REALLY DO IS PRAY TO HIM BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WANTS TO HEAR IT THEY THINK ITS ALL LIES WELL THE LORD KNOWS GOD BLESS YOU ALL…….

  10. Please someone help me understand! Inmates that are not death row sentenced are pretty much considered on death row being at Trousdale! They don’t know from day to day if they will ever make it out alive. SOMETHING has to be done and it needs ATTENTION like NOW!!!! I have a child there and I pray all of the time that he will get to experience freedom alive someday.
    Why are they mixing gang members with non gang members??? It is bad enough that our world is corrupt with gangs on the outside world, at least we can run from them here…but being behind those four walls, the non gang members have no where to run/hide from these violent inmates!!!!!

  11. We have a son there also. He has been a model prisoner for nine years without any writeups but has been treated terrible since he got there. He earned a lot of privileges at the other prison and when transferred to TTCC they took all his equipment that he had earned away without an excuse. He continues to behave but they are human and not pigs to be mistreated like this. As someone said the good prisoners are being mistreated along with the bad ones. Someone needs to step in. I pray every day for my sons safety. We also live too far away to go see him to be sure he is ok. We went to see him after a long drive but we’re only allowed to see him for 30 mins. They need to separate the hard security from the minimum security. How can they be rehabilitated . Some one needs to step in and do something

  12. There was a riot on Thanksgiving. Can’t call it anything less — it was a gang war. Many reports directly from inmates say that at least 65 (SIXTY FIVE) inmates were injured and required medical care either in the facility or at the local hospital. The inmates have been on lockdown and have been told it will last until January. Minimum security, well behaved inmates who have done nothing wrong are being continually punished and confined to their cells, denied phone access, and also (recently) microwave use in their units.
    There has been a continuing shortage of staff since this CCA facility opened in the Spring — most recently, prior to the riot, a unit was on lockdown because there were not enough staff to manage that area.
    There has been another death at the facility — unrelated to the riot, the death occurred in the days prior to the riot. The death is likely to be proven to be a direct result of TTCC negligence.
    *** Inmates die in the prison and are brought to the outside hospital as a “medical emergency” so that they can be declared dead AT the hospital rather than at the prison.
    — the local Nashville hospital that services inmate medical emergencies is a good place to visit for proof that these events are in fact taking place. Guards are stationed outside any hospital room that has an inmate patient inside.
    CCA meanwhile – held its annual Christmas party in Galatin, TN , this past Saturday , December 3, 2016, with the invitation to staff and employees to come and “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” … something is SERIOUSLY wrong with that picture.
    — yes, attention and action needs to be brought to the ongoing TTCC situation IMMEDIATELY !

  13. I was visiting a loved one there on Thanksgiving Day, there was rumor’s that a gang fight was going to take place, this wasn’t news to the Prison . This prison has all gang’s together, this isn’t proper procedure for a prison, not very intelligent! They mix the Max inmatates with Minimum inmates, also serious medical needs are not being met, There’s always a confusion about Visitors of inmates, the rules change weekly for family and friend’s. They have been on lockdown since Thanksgiving and we have been informed that it could be until next year. Attention definitely needs to be brought to this situation…. They need help