by Ren Jander, JD, blogging at Jander Research, ©2016

(Dec. 3, 2016) — [Editor’s Note:  The following post was published prior to the withdrawal of an election contest in Pennsylvania by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein earlier today.]

On October 21, 2016, Charles Johnson, Editor In Chief of Gotnews.com published an extensive report – “Written and researched by Ren Jander” – that cleared Fred Trump of the utterly false Klan smear perpetrated upon him by Philip Bump at the Washington Post, Nicholas Kristof at the New York Times, the Daily News, Vice, and Boing Boing.

I am very proud of that work, because it would have been a disaster for this nation and for Donald Trump if the vile lies perpetrated by the media on this issue were not thoroughly quashed by my report which totally absolved Fred Trump, and returned his good name and truly philanthropic reputation.

No later than tomorrow afternoon, I will publish a report that has the opposite purpose of clearing reputations. Instead, my forthcoming report will thoroughly tarnish the reputations of the attorneys who are supposed to be representing the electors of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

I am thoroughly convinced that this group of lawyers has been infested with clandestine rats who are actively trying to sabotage Donald Trump from becoming President. And I believe I can prove it to the American people. I offer my previous report clearing Fred Trump as a preview – along with the analysis already published here – testifying to the integrity of my research skills and standards.

Not only will I offer persuasive legal analysis, but I will publish multiple emails sent to me yesterday by both lead counsellors listed on page five of their official Answer to the utterly fraudulent statewide election contest in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. I will also include a phone log showing a sixteen minute conversation between me and one of those attorneys.

Additionally, I will expose the grossly negligent representation of Trump’s electors and the Republican Party pertaining to the county by county recount fraud taking place throughout Pennsylvania. Specifically, I will single out the failed appearance in Allegheny County yesterday by Republican Party attorney Ron Hicks.

Earlier in my career, I learned the hard way, that the practice of law in the USA is governed by a cabal of truly brilliant insiders who operate with an elite pack mentality.

I was never part of that Ivy like cabal. I grew up in Jamaica NYC, the same hometown as Donald Trump. And like Trump, my greatest skills emanate from the streets, sizing up other people, intuition, interpreting skill sets, and a gifted knack for extracting hidden information. I represented criminals as a defense attorney. Some very bad people were my clients. I’m not proud of that.

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