by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 28, 2016) — For approximately three months, The Post & Email has reported on a child-custody case originating with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and what has been described to us by the parents as internal familial conflicts rather than child abuse or neglect.

The children’s parents, Roosevelt and Kanika Williams, allege that the social workers involved in the cases involving the three children have acted disingenuously and deceptively on various occasions, including an accusation of “perjury” against social worker Gerald Udenezue for alleging in court that Roosevelt threatened him over the phone.

The children are residing with their maternal grandparents, who were designated as “de facto parents” shortly after the opening of their eldest child’s case in September 2011.

Roosevelt and Kanika both cite DCFS as having taken away children from good homes but neglectfully allowing other children in known imminent danger to slip through the child-protective system and ultimately lose their lives, a topic on which Roosevelt focused in an open letter published earlier this month.

In 2013, it was clear that Roosevelt expected the two elder children to be returned to Kanika or him after they attended and completed parenting and other classes required by the department.  At the time, a third child was residing with Kanika.

Roosevelt told The Post & Email that DCFS Compton West social worker Lia Jones accused him of dealing drugs but that there is no basis in fact for the allegation, nor that he has ever been arrested for any reason. He has three grown daughters from a previous marriage, and his ex-wife told The Post & Email last month that she had no reservations about Roosevelt’s ability to parent the three children he and Kanika later had together.

Roosevelt is a copious documentarian and has provided a myriad of text messages, emails, and records of telephone calls made to and from various social workers through the five-year life of the saga which has virtually removed the three children from his and Kanika’s lives.

DCFS spokesman Armand Montiel has told The Post & Email that reunification of children with their biological parents is the primary goal of the department, but Kanika and Roosevelt do not believe that has occurred in their case.

The Post & Email has sent requests for comment to all of the workers whose email addresses were made available but received no response.

Kanika’s maiden name is “Grant,” and her parents are Willie and Katie Grant.  Judge Marguerite Downing, the same judge who presided over the Henderson children‘s cases, is reportedly acquainted with Willie Grant, who is an attorney.  Both sets of parents have reported being ejected from the courtroom on multiple occasions upon Downing’s order.

In a timeline detailing the involvement of social worker Lia Jones of the Compton, CA DCFS office, Roosevelt wrote (children’s names have been redacted with no other alterations made to the timeline):

October 2013

Lia Jones is assigned Case Number CK89770, her supervisor is Yvette Carter. She attends the hearing and is sitting in the back of the Courtroom when Family Reunification Services are terminated for the mother, Kanika Grant, with regards to her daughter, XXXXXX Williams,despite the mother complete compliance with the case plan and Court Orders. Family Reunification Services are Ordered to continue for me, the biological father for both children- XXXXXX and XXXXX Williams. After the Court session is over, Lia Jones and her supervisor, Yvette Carter, walk up to Kanika Grant and introduce themselves to her and assure her they will be working with her to have her children returned. They tell her to be patient because this is a process and that they will be in touch to make sure that the children are returned to her. The ladies never come and introduce themselves to me even though they are aware of who I am and what the Judge has ordered for them and for
me. All the parties leave the Courthouse.

November 2013
I reach out to Lia Jones regarding the progress of the case via phone and email. She ignores me. I reach out to Lia Jones Supervisor, Yvette Carter, she assures me things will be taken care of regarding visitation and the progress of the case. Nothing changes, in fact it gets worse because Lia Jones tells me not to contact her via email anymore.

December 2013

Still no visitation schedule set up by Lia Jones. I contact her via email and call her because my father, the children grandfather passed away and I wanted the kids to be with me and their family for the funeral. Lia Jones never contacted me and the kids never got to see or visit their grandfather during his sickness which ultimately led to his death.

January 2014-April 2014

I had no visitation with my children. I was not made aware of doctor visits, soccer games, life events, anything going on with my kids I didn’t know about,but Ms Grant was made aware of everything and was even given unmonitored overnight liberalized visits at the end of April 2014, which is the last step before the children are returned.
Lia Jones tells Ms Grant she is coming to see Ms Grant and I at Ms Grant aunt and uncle house in Los Angeles during the liberalized visit with the children. Ms Jones never came not called or gave any reason why she didn’t come. I reasonably believe had Lia Jones come and met me that day, the issues we had regarding visitation and the progress of the case would have been resolved. She would see me with my kids and them with me and how much we enjoy each other and had a opportunity to talk to both me and Ms Grant, the children biological parents at the same time, which no social worker had done to date. Instead the case took a drastic turn that changed everything.

May 7, 2014

Lia Jones comes to Ms Grant aunt and uncle house. Ms Grant is living with her aunt and uncle temporarily until she or I gets custody of our children- XXXXXX and XXXXX Williams. Our youngest daughter, XXXXXX Williams, is being raised by both her parents. XXXXX was day in and day out with her mother at her aunt and uncle house and I would come by daily to spend time with my daughter, Ms Grant and the Davis Family (Ms Grant aunt and uncle). We all enjoyed ourselves, having good company and food until, May 7, 2014, when Lia Jones came to the house and saw me. She had never met me before, only rejected my calls and emails regarding the case and visitation with my two children with open cases. When she did see me for the first time, she called me a drug dealer and a liar. She said she wasn’t going to give me my kids and she introduced me to Angelique Hawley Rawles, who was supposed to be the new social worker on the case. I told Hawley Rawles glad to meet
you and Lia Jones that our conversation was over since she had no plans of giving me my kids. Lia Jones and Hawley Rawles started to leave, but then came back and asked for Ms Grant. Ms Grant came to the door, Lia Jones asked Ms Grant if she was OK, Ms Grant said Yes, Lia Jones asked if the baby, XXXXX, was OK, Ms Grant said Yes and then both Lia Jones and Hawley Rawles left the house. Ms Grant left the house shortly after the social workers left with our daughter, XXXXX. Later that evening, Lia Jones called the police to the Davis residence, where I still was, then Lia Jones came back to the Los Angeles residence with the police to arrest me. I wasn’t arrested because I didn’t threaten her or do anything to her. The police left. Lia Jones threatens to take my daughter, XXXXX, from her mother and I if her mother does not put a restraining order against me. Lia Jones tells Me Grant if she attempts to leave the State of California with XXXX she will
have her arrested and put a Amber Alert out on XXXXX. Lia Jones tells Ms Grant that she has to move into a shelter and if she doesn’t do all of these things she will open a case against XXXXX and make sure she is not returned. Lia Jones told both myself and Ms Grant to come to the DCFS Compton West Office first thing in the morning and that morning they detained my youngest child with no cause, no paperwork, no justification. They called the police to the office and they told me to be calm and they agreed what they were doing was wrong. No one came and said anything to me, they just took my child and devastated Ms Grant who had been so close to getting all her kids reunited together only to have another child taken wrongfully. They never asked either of us where we wanted our daughter to go, they just took her to her grandparents, with the other two children. We didn’t want her there because they are trying to adopt our kids from us and they live far
from both their mother in Los Angeles, CA and me, a resident of Alabama, traveling back and forth.

June 2014

Detention hearing was held, the Court found jurisdiction to retain my daughter.

July 2014

Lia Jones is no longer the social worker, Angelique Hawley Rawles is the social worker. Lia Jones is suppose to testify to her justification for taking my daughter, the case is continued to September 2014.

September 2014

Lia Jones does not return to testify as Ordered. Angelique Hawley Rawles testifies against us and the Judge Downing believes her. Willie Grant, Kanika Grant biological father and caretaker of the kids that wants to adopt all of our children from us, testifies against his own daughter and he wasn’t even there when Lia Jones came to the aunt house. He then lied and said the neighbors told him that Ms Grant and I were arguing which is hearsay. Both Ms Grant and I take the Stand and tell the truth which is we have no issue of Domestic Violence and Lia Jones and Hawley Rawles had no right to take our daughter from us and give her to people who want to adopt our children from us. The Judge ignores us, believes them despite the fact that much of their reasoning and evidence was based upon information given to them by the Aunt, Beatrice Davis whom was not present in Court to be cross examined and thus her testimony and information should not have been
considered, but it was, instead of being deemed hearsay, the Judge deemed everything against us credible. Judge Downing Court Orders me to a 52 Week Batterers Program and a 730 Mental Health Evaluation and Ms Grant to 3 Random Drug Tests, A 730 mental health evaluation, 24 week victim group classes and individual counseling with a emphasis on domestic violence.

October 2014

I began the 52 Week Program at Narconon Outreach Center in Los Angeles, CA. I am not having visits with my children and Angelique Hawley Rawles is still the social worker and Yvette Carter her Supervisor.

December 2014
I visit my kids for the holidays and give them their presents. My visits are monitored regularly at the DCFS Pomona Office by Ms Rashaun, a Human Services Aide (HSA) worker for DCFS.

January 2015

Victor De LaTorre is assigned the case and his supervisor is Ms Stephenson??? He is the first social worker to acknowledge me as the father of my kids. He calls me and set up a meeting, hears me out and takes action to get this case moving.

February 2015

Victor DelaTorre accesses the mother, Ms Grant apartment for the purpose of liberalizing the visits to unmonitored overnight.

March 2015

The case shifts again for the worst, Gerald Udenezue gets the case. He meets with mother once and then with both of us and assures us he is going to move the case. We give him all of our progress reports and information to present to the Court.

June 2015

Gerald takes the Stand and say that I threatened him and petition the Court to have a temporary restraining order against me. I asked Gerald Supervisor, Ms Agee, the Assistant Administrator Mr McKinley, and Administrator Mr Augustine to have Gerald removed from the case due to his bias, incompetence and language barrier long before Gerald claimed this erroneous restraining order and no one did anything.
Based on Gerald testimony, reports and the Judge Downing own bias, on June 22, 2015, the Judge Ordered that a permanent placement proceedings be conducted in October 19, 2015 with the intention that my parental rights be terminated and that family reunification services be terminated for my two oldest children, and that I have unmonitored visits with my two oldest children. My family reunification services were ordered to continue with my youngest child.

July 2015

July 1, 2015Judge Downing granted a permanent restraining order against me in favor of CSW Gerald despite the weight of the evidence which included no proof of a actual threat by email, voicemail or otherwise, the fact that I have proof of every text and email he and I had over the month that he had the case, despite the fact that Minister Roger Davis came to Court twice to testify and contradict the lies CSW Gerald told on the Stand, despite the Judge acknowledging CSW Gerald didn’t liberalize or monitor one visit, also despite the Assistant Administrator Mr McKinley admitting that I had not threatened CSW Gerald, this restraining order was granted against me.
To date, July 8, 2015, I have appealed the Order terminating my family reunification services and any orders with the intention to permanently adopt my children to anyone, specifically the caretakers. I have filed a Federal lawsuit against the State, County, DCFS and relevant parties, I have petitioned my attorney to have Judge Downing recused from mh case, I have filed a grievance to the Judicial Council regarding Judge Downing ruling and conduct, and have filed a similar type grievance to the Social Worker Council regarding their discrimination and bias.


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