The American Indian Way (RR)


by Chief New Leaf, ©2016

(Nov. 27, 2016) — A warrior’s tools of the trade are weapons, and there’s nothing more basic than the knife. As a matter of fact, hop in any time machine and travel back 20,000 years and you’ll find a knife in the possession of a warrior. Come to think of it, a spear is just a knife with a long handle; an arrow a light knife suitable for launching as a missile; a bullet nothing more than the tip of a knife: cutting, penetrating and doing some serious cell damage.

When I was a young man I was a warrior. One night I was attacked by two men, one with a Bowie knife that he pressed against my neck. After that engagement I decided that I, too, needed a knife like that. Upon reflection, I could’ve had that very knife that was at my throat, but looking back on it, I had to skedaddle — as in pronto — so collecting souvenirs of the battle wasn’t on top of my “honey-do” list.

Within a week of coming this close to losing my life, I purchased a genuine MADE IN THE USA Bowie knife, which I thought would be the difficult part: it wasn’t. The hard part was to find a suitable scabbard that would tie snugly around my calf and remain undetectable while wearing the uniform, or even in civilian attire. I looked for a whole week until I came across a leather expert of belt, wallets and purses. After hours that turned into days, then weeks, we perfected the design: undetectable yet easily and rapidly accessible.

I lost two very dear objects while in the military: the knife in a humanitarian exercise during a night battle, and my practice discus somewhere between Greece and Newport, Rhode Island. I threw that discus all through high school and in every county that I ever visited while an employee of the government.

So where’s this discourse going? Just that, without the Second Amendment, we wouldn’t have the means to protect any of the others, that’s what. The thing about the amendments is that there’s no particular order. Free speech is great, but without the means to protect your right to speak your mind, all it amounts to is hot air. Protection from unreasonable searches and seizures also sounds great, but without the means to back it up it’s just more hot air.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t envision every citizen trekking around in the woods shooting anything running around on four legs; no, but they did envision all the citizens protecting their rights from an overly intrusive government by being armed. If you can’t name at least one instance where our government hasn’t crossed the line, you better take off the blinders. Do a search on Lois Lerner to start, then try Eric Holder, but don’t forget Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

The forces of evil are aligned against Trump and therefore, by extension, against those who believe that the Constitution is the law of the land. The tribes of the Native Indians of the USA signed Treaties with the Constitution and not with rogue governments such as Obama’s. We therefore do not recognize nor will honor nor follow any illegal order from any source, especially any illegal order from the Department of Justice.

What’s really nifty about our stance is that we have the backing of the Constitution, while Loretta Lynch has only hot air.

The moral? Embrace the Second Amendment: be armed.

“Cherokee Nation”

Chief New Leaf

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