by Cody Robert Judy, ©2016

(Nov. 26, 2016) — Some have wondered, some have guessed, but a few have known that the cover-up on Obama’s ineligibility was in plain sight. So why have Republican leaders in Congress as well the courts, champions of so-called “National Security,” not followed Law & Order, set up a system for some that’s different for others, and disqualified Obama as a Disability to the Office of President if he’s ineligible for that Office?

The answers may surprise you, but first let’s take a detailed look at what [natural born Citizen] means and the Qualification of Time it spans as if Congress were the children and knew nothing, because that seems to be the biggest defense these days for Presidential Candidates, “I didn’t know,” “it was a matter of convenience,”, and of course there is, “I don’t want to be labeled a Racist.”

First we can primarily and elementarily understand that there is something different about [natural born Citizen] because the Qualification in the U.S. Constitution for the Offices of a U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator is [Citizen].

If Congress is only authorized to Adopt [Citizens] through the [naturalization] process, we can rule out any circumstance they have supposed in any naturalization Acts as being [natural born Citizen].

With all types of Citizenship we understand there are only two variables that can vary in ascertaining types of allegiance. The Place can vary and basically announces the Law or Jurisdiction of Law you were born under. Your parents in the U.S. are both able to vote, so are considered relevant in an inherited citizenship.

Now, if your Mom or Dad cannot Vote in America they have what is called a foreign or alien allegiance to the United States of America. Thus if you’re a child of a mixed or divided parental allegiance you inherit that divided allegiance plainly just like you inherited half your genetics from both parents.

The different scenarios or circumstances of Birth have all been considered by Congress in the naturalization acts that make a child a U.S. Citizen, but remember we did not say [natural born Citizen].

There is only one definition of [natural born Citizen] that is definitely missing from Congressional naturalization Acts and that definition is [Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents]. The reason of course is it was never doubted, by anyone, that a Nation could propagate its own population. To deny such would be treasonous to the Nation itself and it would be an act-of-subversion or war to declare such population by another Nation.

The accommodations of the three variables then exist between foreign soil, foreign father and foreign mother. You could be born on U.S. soil to foreign parents and the naturalization act known as the 14th Amendment assists your claim of U.S. Citizenship, not [natural born Citizenship].

The verbiage is clear in the 14th Amendment – [All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.]

Did it say [natural born Citizens]? No, it says [citizens]. So, why would anyone suppose all Obama had to be was born in the U.S. to be a [natural born Citizen]? If you think about it, the thought of forgetting the word [citizen] in the 14th Amendment and [natural born Citizen] in Art. II. Sect.1, C-5 is “delusional” or in other words a denial of facts.

It’s also delusional to think Congress can adopt [natural born Citizens]. That would be like two parents saying they wanted to adopt the child they both were natural mother and father to. The Court’s would laugh at such a delusion as an absurdity. They don’t have to. They are the mother and father.

So the 14th Amendment makes clear those born in the United States of America are Citizens and respectively in defining the Union of States, declares [and of the State wherein they reside], didn’t say territory or occupied piece of foreign soil like Panama for Sen. McCain.

Sen. McCain was not born in a State of the Union. He was in fact [naturalized] by an Act of Congress. It’s delusional or a denial of facts to say otherwise.

The Office of President/VP was the ONLY office RESERVED and PRESERVED for the Nation of The United States of America. Obama says things have changed and essentially the blurred lines of the Internet cable, shared WiFi air space, and commerce between Nations that the United States of America is not so. Obama is delusional. We have borders, laws against illegal immigration, as do other Nations.

[Obama has said he worked to make the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba“irreversible,”Everything Obama did to open Cuba could be revoked because it was all done through executive action and regulatory changes, the latter of which were more formal but can be reversed.]

The Office of the President was reserved for America’s homegrown allegiance & posterity. Dual, Divided or Fractured allegiance was understood to be needing adopting status and Congress took them up. For example, Title Eight ss 1401 a-h is entitled [Nationals and Citizens at Birth].

Notice it does not say [natural born Citizens]. It mimics the 14th Amendment language of [born and naturalized in the U.S.].

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  1. The republican “party” left us a long time ago. I have correspondence from then Sen. Phil Grahm of Texas and Dick Armey requesting border control.