by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

Screenshot courtesy of KGW TV

(Nov. 17, 2016) — The lies, violent setups, acting-out seizures about Donald Trump being elected are so absurd they are almost funny; however, at their core, they are tragic, a waste of time and those involved really only shine the light of judgment on themselves. They reveal themselves as bought-and-paid-for slaves of the far left, lying agenda. They are those with IQs below plant life.

Obama, Hillary and the Soros clan continue their disinformation, lies, sleight-of-hand reasons for loss and who to blame. Naturally, as is always the case with far leftist ‘walking drones’ of defeat, they fail to face the most basic facts. Their endless emotion, bold and desperate statements, threats and tendency to hit people and break things is historic and boring already. They all stand for nothing but their own demise, their country’s enslavement by other gods and evil. They can ultimately only fall…not stand, and this election proved that it was their time to fall – and very far down.

The screamers leftist media machine still feels that if they are a mom, minority, or college-age screamer they will get their entitled way somehow. They will hurt and violate Trump and shock all in America to come to their senses and know that Trump is a Hitler.

Sadly, the anti-Trump screamers are more than hallucinogenic, mentally and spiritually fractured. They will always scream for their way even as their ship is almost to the bottom of the ocean now and bubbles are coming out of their mouths. The vast majority of Americans can’t even see their disappearing ripples anymore since they have sunk so low and so quickly. We are on to the rebuilding of America and the healing of our bruised and achieving soul.

Major change is already happening even in the ‘pre-game’ coverage of Trump and Pence

So far, the list of potential cabinet posts is wonderful, conservative and has a history of courage, integrity and Constitutionality. Lobbyists and their money and power-making addictions are already being separated from any of Trump’s inside cabinet post people and positions. The swamp is already draining, even in the ‘pre-game’ phase of this amazing win of all times. This President and team will not be for sale. They have serious work to do.

There is no calming down or having common-sense discussions with the desperately, whining and sad-unto-death left. They have always known the truth but choose to believe lies. With people like that you can only draw a fire-protected line in the dirt around them and let them burn out. Already, their flames have been turning to dirty and disappearing smoke.

Just a few reminders the burning-out left chooses not to listen to

Trump is the only candidate who actually had a real vision to fix, heal, protect and build up the inner cities of America, largely black. No President has ever taken this on as Trump has. Trump was not to get the black vote. So sorry, but he got history-making levels of the black vote.

Trump had way more female voters than Romney, when all mainstream media and pollsters said Hillary would win on the female vote. She didn’t.

Trump had a ton of millennial votes, Hispanic and swing voters. Pollsters and media said Trump wouldn’t get these, either.

The bottom line is Trump is a visionary, patriot, man of God and man of America who will keep his moral and Constitutional center and lead the nation with common sense and fairness. He has said this many times and his hiring practices show this. He will be a friend and protect the LGBT community without ignoring God, all of our rights, schools, morality and the masses. It will be fair protection, not overreach and stuffing ‘rights’ down our throats or else, as it is now.

Trump is planning to protect our borders, lives, build back careers, jobs, national security, our vets and military. He is planning to protect America’s forgotten group, the Christians. As it is now under Obama and would have been under Hillary, their supporters have the right to do practically anything. Pesky Christians and conservatives have no rights. They are committing hate crimes just by breathing and they are being sued, arrested and targeted in schools, work places and as employers. That is all going to change and the crying left can’t stand it.

As a Christian, patriot, woman, writer, actress, host, Mom, black belt, gun owner and Trump supporter, I am so excited to see the heart of America come back to America. Exceptionalism, morals and rights will be observed for all again as we put our priorities back in place. Once again we will be the unique light on a hill to shine for the world; oh yeah, and wave our flag, wear our flag, display our flag without being kicked out of school, fined, arrested or fired.

There…my Christmas display and decorations are almost perfect. I have my Holy Bible – opened to the story of Jesus and His birth, my flag waving with pride outside my window and my gun, ready to roll if someone breaks into my house, tries to mess me up and spill my coffee.

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