by Sharon Rondeau

WikiLeaks email #12727 was released on October 17, 2016

(Nov. 14, 2016) — In a lengthy email chain dated June 17, 2015 released by WikiLeaks last month, a number of former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s strategists discussed how best to counter criticism from then-Republican presidential primary contenders Bobby Jindal and Jeb Bush about Clinton’s alleged dismissal of faith in favor of “women’s rights,” including abortion.

The subject of the email conversation was a tweet in which Bush had paraphrased Clinton as having said, “…if your religious beliefs come in conflict with a woman’s right to choose, you have to get over it.”

The subject of the strategy email was “2016 GOP HIT – HILLARY CLINTON.”

At numerous times over the 17-month campaign, eventual Republican presidential nominee and now President-elect Donald Trump claimed that Clinton lacked the “stamina” to serve as president and that instead of campaigning, she was at home “sleeping.”

After the strategists debated over the course of the afternoon whether Clinton should respond to Bush or a Buzzfeed reporter be asked to write an article about it, at 8:42 p.m., Campaign Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri stated, “HRC does not want to do the response herself.”

In a reference to campaign chairman John Podesta, Palmieri continued her email:

What about a written statement from John? HRC is sleeping now but Huma and I think she would go for that. Played around with Dan’s language and turned into a statement from John – see attached.

Podesta then prepared a response, citing Clinton’s having “spoken out for decades against extremists who pervert the world’s great religions to justify brutality against women and girls.”

Trump had compared Clinton’s frequent absences from the campaign trail for several days at a time to Jeb Bush’s alleged “low energy.”

Earlier this year, Trump had also claimed that Clinton was “sleeping” during the terrorist September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya which killed four Americans and wounded approximately ten others while Clinton was serving as Secretary of State.

In other emails released by WikiLeaks, one of Clinton’s top aides, Huma Abedin, is noted preparing remarks in what she said would be concise, bullet-point form as a result of Abedin’s assertion that on those occasions, Clinton would not be using a podium.

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  1. During and after Benghazi, where were Hillary and Barry?
    Sleeping, indifferent? Who knows, doesn’t seem as if they
    were on the job, except they did concoct a “cover story”
    about some chump producing a video no one saw.

    A reported Navy LT. has stated during Benghazi, Barry was
    in the situation room, can’t say we were aware of this.
    No “show and tell” here.

    Hillary didn’t seem to really campaign much. To me this
    seemed she was U.A. much of the time. At events, she
    seemed to me have others doing her tasks. Her not being
    seen for days at a time, and many times, didn’t seem as
    if her heart nor general health was enduring.