by Joseph DeMaio, ©2016

(Nov. 11, 2016) — This post is composed on Veteran’s Day for two reasons.

First, without the service and sacrifices of our veterans – particularly those who fought and served in World War II – there is a possibility that we would not have even had the opportunity to cast a vote last Tuesday for either candidate.  Moreover, had we lost, those people living east of the Mississippi River might be now speaking German, while those west of the river might be now speaking Japanese.

The existential threat to the survival of the United States and, indeed, western civilization presented by World War II was met, beaten down and vanquished by these heroes, deceased and still living.  The debt of gratitude we owe to them can never be repaid, but it must never be forgotten.  And that doesn’t even include the future heroes who will similarly make sacrifices in the crushing and eradication of…let us all say it together… “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Second, acknowledging the price paid by our veterans to enable us to vote at all, nearly 121 million Americans – the vast majority of whom were legitimately eligible to vote – decided that Donald Trump, rather than Hillary Clinton, was the preferred choice to become the Nation’s next Commander-in-Chief.  And please spare me the debate over “popular vote” versus “Electoral College” votes.  Under the Constitution as it now exists, Mr. Trump won the presidency.  Fair and square. Elections have consequences.

The reactions to this event range, of course, from euphoric to despondent.   When half of the electorate is euphoric (or at least not catatonic) and the other half is despondent, it is clear that a lot of work remains to be done in the future if the Nation is to heal properly.  In this respect, the situation is not unlike the Reconstruction Period following the Civil War.

Still, the question remains: how did Mr. Trump pull off a victory that virtually the entirety of the mainstream media – led by The New York Times, The Washington Post, the major broadcast networks and many cable networks – rated “likely” on a scale of one to ten as being a minus 17?  After all, as the guardians of All Appropriate and Approved Information, the electorate had been informed (a better term might be “propagandized”) that Trump was “unfit” for the office, and thus, unelectable.  Don’t waste your vote on someone who can’t be elected.

To which your faithful servant responds: thank God for the Internet… and The P&E.  The only leftist who got it right was… yikes… Michael Moore.

The answer to how President-Elect Trump did it, at least to those willing to examine the facts, is quite simple: the Democrats nominated, advanced and defended a candidate who was so damaged, so flawed, so corrupt, so venal, so Machiavellian, so intemperate, so indictable, so disingenuous, so arrogant, so character-deficient and so imbued with lie-infested DNA … that “even” Donald Trump was preferable.

In the minds of the electorate, this was not a contest between the “lesser of two evils,” but instead a choice between a flawed, rude, non-PC genuflecting candidate and a categorically unacceptable candidate.  The non-PC genuflector won.  The unacceptable candidate lost.  One is tempted to pull out the admonition offered up by the Democrats to Republicans in 2008 and 2012 following the election of the Usurper at 1600: “We won.  You lost.  Get over it.”

The actions of the losers here – the snowflake “students” and their enabling university professors – who now riot in the streets under the guise of First Amendment “protest” – perfectly capture the underlying hypocrisy of the left.  To leftists, as long as a lib or Democrat (or even a Communist) prevails, all is OK.  But if a Republican prevails, as is now the reality “on the ground,” it’s “Katie, bar the door.”

If one needs to protest or express his dissenting views, he should emulate Justice Ginsburg.  Recall that deceased Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Ginsburg, despite their stark political and judicial differences, were personal friends.  Justice Scalia would no doubt recognize and defend Justice Ginsburg’s right of dissent (although perhaps not as she did from the bench the other day), but he would also likely be smiling down from that Great Courtroom in the Sky knowing that the rule of law and the Constitution as originally written – and/or as lawfully amended – will likely be in good hands for a long, long time to come.

As for the snowflake protestors, that paragon of objective commentary during the campaign, MSNBC’s Chris (“Obama-gives-me-a-tingle-up-my-leg”) Matthews has confessed that the protests are pointless: Mr. Trump won; Mrs. Clinton lost.  Indeed, in the Chris Matthews interview, a leftist from MoveOn.org,, Karine Jean-Pierre, noted: “The country is grieving. Something happened on Tuesday night that people were not anticipating. Donald Trump.”

Really?  While many Americans who voted for Clinton may be “grieving” over something they were not “anticipating,” virtually an equal number of Americans who voted for Mr. Trump, if not uniformly “celebrating,” are nonetheless breathing a deep… deep…. deep… DEEP sigh of relief.  Why?  Because even if they do not share many of Mr. Trump’s views or values, they understand that electing Clinton would have perpetuated and exponentially exacerbated the negative trajectory of the Nation initiated by the Usurper at 1600, leading, potentially, to a fatal dive into the ocean.  No need to search for on-board black boxes.  Rocket science, this is not.

How did all of the pollsters and leftist pundits get it so wrong?   That also seems obvious: because their polls and views were intentionally skewed and biased in favor of HRC and against Mr. Trump.  Again, this should come as no surprise, since manipulating the facts in order to drive the desired result is always the goal of propaganda.  Period.

Accordingly, and for the foregoing reasons, put your faithful servant down as an American breathing a deep sigh of relief rather than one “grieving” or anxiously seeking out a “safe zone” in a campus Starbucks in which to gnash his teeth in private.  Deep breathing is good; pointless snits are stupid.

And, to reiterate, the next time you see a 90-year old vet sporting a tattered “Saratoga” baseball cap, shake his hand, thank him for his service… then pay for the coffee he is sipping at the McDonald’s.

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