by Jack Mertz, ©2016

(Nov. 11, 2016) — Well, a whole lot of Americans  — from many demographics (Amish, Evangelicals, Blacks, Hispanics, workers, etc.) — thought through the issues and were not misguided by the polls, the  hype and the media.  They decided they had had enough of Obama’s failed socialist policies — and did not want to replace one criminal (Obama) with another criminal (Hillary). Then they got out and VOTED.

In so doing they killed both the Dem and GOP Establishments and avoided Soros and Allinsky’s calamities which HRC surely would have hatched.

If we recall the humble and questionable beginnings of when Trump entered the GOP primaries — and he faced 16 other opponents plus conservative pundits who downplayed his chances, some viewing him as a joke — he nevertheless persevered and became the nominee — and now the President.  Job well done, Donald.

Trump exhibited great courage and leadership in zeroing in on the REAL issues such as illegals, Muslim immigration and the poor economy, made worse by NAFTA and TPP, and he fought off the cheap labor policies of his own party, gaining their enmity.  He overthrew the idols of political correctness, globalism and the New World Order whose advocates were the Chamber of Commerce and GOP Establishment clowns including Bush, Cruz, Kasich, Graham, and Rubio.  He took them down one by one. Now he needs to build up a wall/fence, enforce our immigration laws and defund sanctuary cities.  He also needs to deliver on his promises to minorities and increase JOBS. One shovel-ready project will be to build the wall.

His cabinet will consist of outstanding American patriots such as Pence, Carson, Guiliani, Gowdy, and Gingrich.  His Supreme Court appointees will be good people. He will have a majority in both the House and the Senate to help implement the many changes which need to be made. The first will be to eliminate most of Obama’s executive orders and EPA regulations.  The second will be to streamline government; reduce waste, fraud and abuse, and hold the line on the budget/national debt. There will be a tremendous amount of work to be done — but Trump can manage the process and get things accomplished.  He’s an indisputable expert on project management.

Let us all PRAY for Donald who has assumed a LARGE responsibility on behalf of all the American people.  With God’s guidance, he will “Make America Great Again.”

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