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by Sharon Rondeau

Hillary Clinton on September 11, 2016, leaving a 9/11 memorial service early prior to collapsing as she waited for her Secret Service van to arrive

(Nov. 8, 2016) — In an email discussion on October 24 and 25 of last year, Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Democrat strategist Richard Socarides discussed how best to explain Bill Clinton’s having signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) while he was president in light of the 2016 presidential candidate’s professed support for marriage “equality.”

DOMA defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman and was signed in September 1996.

Socarides, who was an adviser to Bill Clinton, wrote to Podesta:

Bill never supported the defense of marriage act. It certainly was >>>> not a proposal made by his administration. And he called it unnecessary >>>> even at the time. It was a republican led effort to use a wedge issue >>>> against him in the election. It passed both houses of Congress with >>>> overwhelming veto-proof majorities and when he signed it, I think it was >>>> because he felt he had no other options. Had he vetoed it, his veto would >>>> surely have been overridden and it would’ve become a central issue in the >>>> campaign. I know he wasn’t happy about it. And he expressed that at the >>>> time. Today I’m proud of the fact that he asked the Supreme Court overturn >>>> legislation that he himself signed.

As demonstrated in another WikiLeaks email, approximately six months prior, Sacarides had written in The New Yorker that “Companies now realize that, beyond the imperative to support human rights, it’s also smart business to be in favor of L.G.B.T. equality. This view may have started in Hollywood, but a number of other companies and leaders were also agents of change early on.”

On October 26, 2015, Bloomberg News reported that Hillary Clinton’s then-primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, had accused Clinton of “trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one anti-gay law to stop something worse. That’s not the case,” Sanders had said at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Des Moines, IA two days earlier, which the Clintons attended. Hillary claimed at the time that her husband had signed DOMA in order to prevent the possibility of a constitutional amendment instituting marriage as solely between one man and one woman.

Podesta then asked Socarides, “Should we hunker down and not repeat the mistake or do we have to do > something more proactive?”after which Socarides offered three options for how Hillary Clinton might respond to Sanders’s remarks to include contacting a particular member of the press at Buzzfeed News or issuing a written statement.  “I think it’s better to be proactive because this will fester plus she’s > going to get this question again anyway soon enuf,” Socarides opined.

Copying in Clinton Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, who once advised Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook to tell the media “a big, elaborate lie,” Podesta wrote, “She’s down tomorrow and needs o stay down. [sic] Bernie went after this again today. Jen, thoughts?”

Since her collapse at a New York 9/11 event two months ago, and considerably prior to that in some circles, questions about Clinton’s health and stamina have persisted given her history of blood clots, falling, fainting and at least one concussion in 2012.

Clinton has insisted that she is healthy and physically fit to serve as president of the United States, although she personally did not appear at a majority of campaign events over the last three months until the final days, which end on Tuesday with Election Day.


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