[Editor’s Note:  The following letter relates to the case of the Williams family which The Post & Email has covered herePhilip Browning refers to the director of the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the agency which removed the three Williams children and placed them with their maternal grandparents.  The adoptions by the grandparents of two of the children are scheduled to occur in the relatively near future, and Roosevelt and Kanika Williams’s parental rights have been terminated for the third child.  The Williamses have filed appeals and a federal lawsuit to contest the termination of their parental rights and the adoption of their children.]

November 8, 2016

Dear Sharon,

How are you? I hope well.

Below is the reason DCFS was created for parents like this. I’m not sure why our country makes a difference between policing children and adults, but they have, and my family is hurt either way.   The police kill unarmed black men and DCFS allows children to be killed by unfit parents, choosing to use their resources on parents like me and letting these parents go on and kill their own child!

You may already know that they failed this young man after proof of abuse over five times from teachers and hospital staff and did nothing.

DCFS CSWs and staff are not educated; they are blatantly ignorant to child abuse. They need to revise this system.

Now Sharon I never abused, neglected, or abandoned my children yet am still fighting for them for over five years. Phillip Browning stated that DCFS does not have the legal right to inquire about a child without a report, that it is against the law to inquire about children who are not in the system. Well, they did the complete opposite in my case.  Why did they take my children and open up a case when my family and I were residents of Alabama? What right did California DCFS have to go outside its jurisdiction?

They also stated Sharon that social workers declined to open a case for the boy who is now dead, saying the allegations of physical abuse were inconclusive.  Why wasn’t the system they used to keep this woman’s kids in her house after knowledge of abuse and proof of abuse not used to keep my kids in my house when DCFS on reports stated that neither my wife nor I ever abused our children? If DCFS had used this program known as Structured Decision Making to take my children, it clearly has malfunctioned. It kept this young man in an abusive home and now he is dead, and my children are being forced to be adopted out.

Judge Downing needs to be in prison, this child’s mother needs to be in prison, the social worker who was involved needs to be in prison, and since Phillip Browning’s signature is on all documents, he needs to be held accountable, also.

After reading this my heart goes out to this young boy and his siblings. I know he in a better place and God got his hand on him.  DCFS concerns itself with matters it wasn’t intended for, like domestic issues between a man and a woman. There is already a system set up for that, and if they are the “children” police, then the standard should be that of criminal and not hearsay or preference for one place over another or a certain family member over the other. These children don’t have a voice to say, nor is the child of age to say, “My mother or father hit me,” and these social workers clearly have missed their calling concerning children who don’t have a voice and are being abused.  Let the police handle domestic issues and DCFS focus on child abuse, because more children are in the system because of disagreements between parents than kids that are being abused. That’s why you have one appointed attorney with over 100 cases as a caseload:  they are opening up cases for domestic issues between couples and instead of removing children who are clearly being abused, they allow abused children to remain in the home.

DCFS preys on poor people who cannot afford an attorney because if they didn’t, why don’t they open up cases on the rich when they have domestic issues? They are free the next day; you can see either the mother or the father with their children walking down Rodeo Drive shopping.

Thank you
Roosevelt Williams Jr.


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