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by Cody Robert Judy, Presidential Candidate, ©2016

(Nov. 6, 2016) — Voting Day is nearly upon us! If you’re being cautious around your friends right now you probably are having a hard time with one candidate or the other in the Major Political Parties. As a Candidate who ran as hard as I could but didn’t get much playing time with the media I know the difficulty of even feeling relevant.

I certainly understand the feelings expressed in “The System is Rigged” probably much more than the Republican Candidate Donald Trump whose second candidacy for President has been quite an eye opener from his initial run in 2000 or even his first entertaining the idea in 1987-88

One of the most wonderful things about our Political System is the right of the common man to run for Office with just a few qualification to meet in the U.S. Constitution for Federal Offices in Congress. I can tell you it is challenging and if I was honest I’d have to say it’s fun. Coming up with a Platform, using all of your creative energy to come up with commercials, print adds, writing blogs, activity, and just plain ole talking to people about why you they should vote for you.

Of course it can get competitive. Your in a race! There’s a starting line, qualifications requirements, and a finish line. Here we are now at the finish line. As I reflect upon my own Candidacy in the Democratic Party this election cycle running for the Office of President, I think of the spectrum of all that happened.

One of the biggest disappointments was not having the U.S. Supreme Court hear my Case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 which came after the disappointment of them not hearing my case in 2012 as Case No. 12-5276. The cause for the U.S. Supreme Court not hearing my 13-9396 Case was even more disheartening as I was discriminated against based on “economic status.”

Being denied Justice based on ‘economic status’ is probably, in my own opinion, one of the most sickening things to happen to a Nation. When Justice begins by “paying a price”, you can just about be sure you are in Hell because in Heaven we know Truth and Justice prevail and it is a Standard we in the United States at least appeal for in our Pledge of Allegiance ending in “Justice for All.”

As I reflect on this, I see that it is indeed a much bigger problem than just my own. We have seen different standards of justice apply in all its worst nightmares as Hillary Clinton has repeatedly been investigated and repeated had the Justice Department or the Investigating FBI Law enforcement agency decline to press charges, when so many others doing much less have been prosecuted.

In my own Legal Case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court the whole Court basically in a REVIEW said that I had to “Pay-to-Play.” Without the printing cost and court fees they refused to hear my case. Hillary Clinton perhaps has leaned this because she has learned to make Pay-to-Play work for her very well.. but it is not a system of integrity where Truth is honored along with Equality.

As I reflected upon the very bad things that have happened in this Election Cycle of 2016 I couldn’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Donna Brazile have all been caught up in their own scandals that actually promoted unfairness, inequality, and dismissing opportunity.

It’s just incredible to me to see People, especially women, who actually have experienced in historical senses what they have ascribed as unfairness, inequality, and a lack of opportunity. If anything is remembered in this election cycle it probably will be the scandals this Gang-of-Four who amidst these scandals total misrepresent what they are hoping to represent.

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