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by Michael Gaddy, ©2016, blogging at The Rebel Madman

The Thomas Legion Flag in 2007, Museum of the Cherokee

(Nov. 3, 2016) — Author’s Note* Somehow revisionist historians would have us believe Abraham Lincoln perpetrated an unconstitutional war on the people of the North and the South to free an oppressed people of color. Considering Lincoln’s open war on the American Indian and his subordinates’ attitudes towards the various tribes, one would have to be extremely naive or just downright ignorant to believe those court historians who simply parrot the state provided socialist mantra.

This war will be pursued against you if it takes years or until you cease to exist or move.” ~ Union General James Henry Carleton before beginning his Abraham Lincoln- ordered campaign against the Navajo, 1863-4

It is my purpose to utterly exterminate the Sioux. They are to be treated as maniacs or wild beasts, and by no means as people with whom treaties or compromise can be made.” ~ Union General John Pope in 1862 on beginning his campaign against the Santee Sioux. The campaign was ordered by Abraham Lincoln

“Ordered that of the Indians and Half-breeds sentenced to be hanged by the military commission, composed of Colonel Crooks, Lt. Colonel Marshall, Captain Grant, Captain Bailey, and Lieutenant Olin, and lately sitting in Minnesota, you cause to be executed on Friday the nineteenth day of December, instant, the following names, to wit… “Text from President Lincoln to General Sibley ordering the execution of 39 Santee Sioux in Minnesota. 1862

The great debate on whether the so-called Civil War was fought to free an enslaved people or to collect an oppressive, confiscatory, protectionist tariff will continue as long as there are people who seek to justify the destruction of the South and the deaths of over 800,000 Americans in order to cover for an avoidable, unnecessary war in which the “consent of the governed” was destroyed and became mere words on a piece of parchment.

Almost totally forgotten are the American Indians and their role of resistance in this great crime against humanity, initiated and managed by a man who violated our Constitution more than any other president in our history. Obama is a rank amateur when compared with “Honest Abe.”

“This [Lincoln’s] amazing disregard for the Constitution was considered by nobody as legal. One man was the government of the United States,” wrote historian Clinton Rossiter, who also referred to Lincoln as a “great dictator.”

U.S. history shows that if you are a bold enough tyrant to violate multiple tenets of the Constitution, wrongfully imprison those who disagree with your planned invasion and subjugation of a people who wished to peacefully separate from a government they saw as being oppressive to Liberty; the tyrannical government you led will place a large marble monument and statue in your honor and glorify your crimes as being just.

Within days of his death, Lincoln’s life was being compared to that of Christ. Future president James A. Garfield would say at Lincoln’s death, “It may be almost impious to say it, but it does seem that Lincoln’s death parallels that of the Son of God.”

Lincoln destroyed the office of president as intended by the founders and converted the office into a virtual monarchy, blatantly suppressing both Congress and the courts. For those who coveted a stronger central government which would allow the enslavement of all the people, Lincoln’s actions were indeed seen as an act of God. Children in the Public Fool System, members of the Republican Party and politicians of both parties have been worshiping Lincoln ever since.

What part did the American Indians play in this tragedy, you ask? First of all, there were the Five Civilized Tribes who joined the Confederacy, with the exception being one small band of Creeks who sided with the Union.

Below is an excerpt from the “Unification with the Confederacy” document written by Cherokee Chief John Ross. Please pay special attention to the reasons the Cherokee nation joined ranks with the South. Nowhere can there be found a better description of the atrocities visited on the South by Lincoln’s criminal hordes. Please bear in mind these words came from the pen of a man who was the chosen chief of men of color, not a revisionist historian nor a cultural Marxist.

“…Disclaiming any intention to invade the Northern States, they [Confederacy] sought only to repel invaders from their own soil and to secure the right of governing themselves.

They claimed only the privilege asserted by the Declaration of American Independence, and on which the right of the Northern States themselves to self-government is formed, of altering their form of government when it became no longer tolerable and establishing new forms for the security of their liberties.

Throughout the Confederate States, we saw this great revolution effected without violence or suspension of the laws or the closing of the courts, The military power was nowhere placed above the civil authorities. None were seized and imprisoned at the mandate of arbitrary power. All division among the people disappeared, and the determination became unanimous that there should never again be any union with the Northern States. Almost as one man, all who were able to bear arms rushed to the defense of an invaded country, and nowhere has it been found necessary to compel men TO SERVE, or to enlist mercenaries by the offer of extraordinary bounties.

But, in the Northern States, the Cherokee people saw with alarm a violated constitution, all civil liberty put in peril, and all rules of civilized warfare and the dictates of common humanity and decency unhesitatingly disregarded. In states which still adhered to the Union, a military despotism had displaced the civil power and the laws became silent amid arms. Free speech and almost free thought became a crime. The right of the writ of habeas corpus, guaranteed by the constitution, disappeared at the nod of a Secretary of State or a general of the lowest grade. The mandate of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was at naught by the military power, and this outrage on common right, approved by a President sworn to support the constitution. War on the largest scale was waged, and the immense bodies of troops called into the field in the absence of any law warranting it under the pretense of suppressing unlawful combination of men.

The humanities of war, which even barbarians respect, were no longer thought worthy to be observed. Foreign mercenaries and the scum of the cities and the inmates of prisons were enlisted and organized into brigades and sent into Southern States to aid in subjugating a people struggling for freedom, to burn, to plunder, and to commit the basest of outrages on the women.

While the heels of armed tyranny trod upon the necks of Maryland and Missouri, and men of the highest character and position were incarcerated upon suspicion and without process of law, in jails, in forts, and prison ships, and even women were imprisoned by the arbitrary order of a President and Cabinet Ministers; while the press ceased to be free, and the publication of newspapers was suspended and their issues seized and destroyed.

The officers and men taken prisoners in the battles were allowed to remain in captivity by the refusal of the Government to consent to an exchange of prisoners; as they had left their dead on more than one field of battle that had witnessed their defeat, to be buried and their wounded to be cared for by southern hands.”

Anyone care to wager whether Cherokee Chief Ross’s Declaration has been read or mentioned to the students down at the local high school–ever? Could they name General Stand Watie or Colonel Thomas and recite their history? Have you ever read of them before?

The Confederacy promoted a man of color, Cherokee Stand Watie, to the rank of General. At no time was a man of color given such high regards, responsibility, and rank in the Union Army. In fact, the majority of Black units in the Union Army during the war were commanded by White officers and enlisted Blacks in the Union Army were paid less than their White counterparts performing the same duty.

Neither should we ever forget the largest execution of American Indians (Santee Sioux) whose guilt was entirely in doubt on 26 December 1862; an execution ordered by the so-called “Great Emancipator.” 39 members of the Santee Sioux were hanged with their trials lasting less than 10 minutes each.

Our history continues to be distorted, and great men such as Stand Watie, and William Holland Thomas, who led the only legion (69th North Carolina) on either side during the war, are unknown to many simply because those who destroyed our Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to implement a Marxist form of government could only do so with lies and an unholy ascension to the moral high ground.

In February we celebrate President’s Day, a holiday for two former presidents; one of whom led this country to freedom, the other who destroyed consent of the governed and implemented a Socialist regime at the point of a bayonet. He issued worthless paper money, instituted an income tax and created the IRS. Karl Marx wrote to Lincoln complimenting him on his destruction of the South and Hitler praised Lincoln’s justification of war against the South in Mein Kampf. Can there be any wonder why he is worshiped by big government idolaters of both current political parties?

When is the next Lincoln Day dinner? Have you bought your tickets yet?


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