by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 3, 2016) — A new WikiLeaks release contains an email with prepared remarks, well-vetted by Hillary Clinton’s support team, in which Clinton stated that a Trump rally scheduled for March 11, 2016 in Chicago was canceled because of “ugly, divisive rhetoric” attributable to Trump and his supporters.

Clinton’s remarks were made on March 12 at a campaign stop in St. Louis, MO.  “I want to say a few words about what happened last night in Chicago. You know, we will always have our differences, won’t we? That’s what happens in a democracy like ours. But the ugly, divisive rhetoric we are hearing from Donald Trump and the encouragement of violence and aggression is wrong and it’s dangerous,” Clinton said.

She continued, “If you play with matches, you’re going to start a fire you can’t control. That’s not leadership. That’s political arson. The test of leadership and citizenship is the opposite. If you see bigotry, oppose it. If you see violence, condemn it. And if you see a bully, stand up to him.”

Various reporters appear in the email to have tweeted Clinton’s remarks to their audiences.

However, videos released by Project Veritas last week revealed that DNC operatives and their associates, working on behalf of Democrat political action committees, actually instigated the protests by paying mentally-ill people and others to provoke confrontations with Trump supporters which in some cases caused injuries.

The idea of using “Donald Duck” as a provocateur at Trump rallies was reportedly Clinton’s own.

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