by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016

(Nov. 2, 2016) — It is mind-boggling, twisted and frankly unbelievable that anyone who had paid attention to even a few of the massive list of lies, treasonous actions and the 30-year list of crimes by Hillary would even wonder about voting for her. Sadly, many caught in Hillary’s Pandora propaganda box will.

Very soon, I predict Hillary will be indicted due to the reopened investigation by the FBI. The FBI must have enough evidence of crimes and lies against her to charge her or they wouldn’t have dreamed of reopening the case (they should have never paused or closed) right before a presidential election.

What awakened James Comey from his alleged Hillary coma? It was either the mass of FBI agents in the process of quitting and walking out in disgust or maybe his angry wife threatening to leave him full of shame. Perhaps he had a ray of integrity and light reignite deep in his gut when he realized he had just destroyed his previously great reputation. Finally, maybe he realized that selling out and running away in compromised fear wasn’t quite the fun and fulfilling ride he had bargained for. Regardless as to what motivated him to be a real man again, let us see how far his guts and integrity will roll this time. I pray for America’s sake he continues to stand through the end.

Do not be fooled by the Hillary propaganda media machine

As the endless WikiLeaks emails and undercover stings are shedding light on many lies, crimes, corruption and plans for violence at the hands and intent of Hillary…now we can officially add to the list treason with Benghazi. America and the world remember to the core the orders to stand down when military leaders called again and again saying they would help and were in the area. We all wondered who made that murderous decision ordering them not to help Ambassador Stevens and his team and why? It is only too clear now that it was the State Department and Hillary Clinton, along with Obama, for the purpose of hiding Stinger missiles that Obama and Hillary had put in the hands of Islamic terrorists. These secret Stinger missiles had already been used on July 25th to shoot down one of our own military helicopters and were being used against our troops in Afghanistan.

The whole nightmare was all about covering up and lying about the flow of Stinger missiles that Obama and Hillary had sent to all the wrong people who were now attacking Americans and our military. Thus, Stevens and his crew were allowed to be tortured and killed and the now-famous media lies flowed around the country, our Congress and world about it all being caused by the remote Islamic video.

Of all the crimes, lies, FBI investigation on alleged illegal use of emails at the hands of Hillary, in my opinion the most in-your-face act of cold, hard treason was with Hillary and frankly Obama’s murderous, cover-up schemes with Benghazi. They willfully threw Ambassador Stevens and staff under the bus and then started a sea of misrepresentation and bold-faced lies to Congress, the media and the American people.

This scandal in my view represents the brightest and thickest blood dripping from Hillary’s and Obama’s hands. My God in heaven…do not vote for her. Her cover-up decisions, let alone the selling of the Stinger missiles without congressional approval, then murders that could have been prevented, can only be criminal and bold treason.

The only position Hillary Clinton should be elected to is the queen of her cell block. America, wake up and vote right if you have an ounce of integrity, love for truth, freedom, law and America. Go, Trump.

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  1. To quote the next “beloved leader” … “at this point, what difference does it make?” Sorry America, my brothers, my friends, my strangers-in arms, it’s all over but the shouting … REDNECKS ARISE while there may still be time !!!