by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 26, 2016) — Email #32035 in the WikiLeaks releases of longtime Democrat political figure and current Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails dating back to 2008 appears to indicate that Podesta attended a meeting at the White House on August 14, 2008, while George W. Bush was still president.

In the email released on Wednesday, Podesta shared his thoughts about the meeting with Michael Froman, who was then working as an executive at Citigroup.

On October 11, the website Wall Street on Parade reported:

The Presidential election of 2008 was held on November 4, with Barack Obama winning on a promise of delivering “hope” and “change” to a nation in the midst of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. At that time, Citigroup was a financial basket-case. It had already received $25 billion from the government’s bailout program known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) in October; it was secretly receiving hundreds of billions of dollars more each month in below-market rate, revolving loans from the Federal Reserve — information which the Fed refused to make public despite multiple Freedom of Information Act requests from the media; and Citigroup was just 19 days from more hemorrhaging, requiring an additional government infusion of $20 billion and asset guarantees of more than $300 billion. Citigroup’s stock was at $13.99, a decline of 63 percent in just 12 months and it was on its way to eventually trade as a penny stock, at 99 cents.

Citigroup had been serially charged by its regulators for abusing its customers and targeting the poor and financially uneducated. But key executives at the bank had played major roles in raising funds for the Barack Obama campaign so it was richly rewarded for that.

Both Podesta and Froman worked in the William Jefferson Clinton administration, with Podesta serving as Clinton’s chief of staff between 1998 and 2001, and Froman as Chief of Staff and as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Eurasia and the Middle East at the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Both men served on Obama’s transition team.

On October 20, Breitbart reported that Podesta referred to Obama as the “President-Elect” on Election Day 2008 before all votes had been cast.  An October 29, 2008 attached memo to which Breitbart provided a link appears to exude confidence that Obama would be the next president.

During Obama’s first term, Froman was Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs.  In 2013, he became Trade Representative, in which role he has advocated for the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The email is titled “WH meeting” and apparently encompassed a discussion of “personnel issues,” among other matters.  While writing this article, The Post & Email noted that the search tool which we had used previously to find terms within the emails was not functioning as of press time; thus, we were unable to quickly locate emails with the same names or terms.

Following the purported meeting, Podesta wrote that his view of the “computer system” in use at the White House was “antiquated.”  “They suggested building our own,” Podesta told Froman.

His email continued, “Thought that we could do so and have GSA pay for after election. Will explain. They are ready to sit down with you and talk thru there info and experience.”

GSA” stands for “General Services Administration,” which “provides the federal government leadership, direction and standards in architecture, engineering, urban development, and more.”

What advance knowledge, if any, did Obama transition operatives acquire in the months prior to the 2008 election?

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  1. This could be a stretch, but maybe the meeting had something to do with George W, Bush signing this Executive Order, 13467 in June of 2008, which Congress mandated be in effect by January, 2009. The Executive Order was supposed to be to “simplify” who must have a security background check and who must not. It is my opinion it was also meant to limit the number of people who know of a particular person who was not required to have a security background check, i.e. “employees” of the president. This allowed Obama to quickly appoint his many Czars who never had to have a background check, one of whom quit after a video of him saying he was a Communist appeared. However, he was then given a different job in the Obama regime. Obama himself never had to get a security background check, either as Senator, or as the putative president. How convenient is that? Had Obama been required to have a security background check, there would be no “president” Obama. Obama was also able to “employ” members of the Muslim Brotherhood and allow them to see whatever classified information he wanted the to see, which I believe is likely all of it.

    Hardly anyone seems concerned about this perfect set-up for the take-over from the inside of our government which we witnessed, but it allowed Obama to immediately infest his regime with people who, like him, could never pass a background check and hate America. I talk about this a lot because it is the key to the ease of Obama’s usurpation and his invitation of America’s enemies into the highest levels of her government.

    Here are a few links and quotes from links to this information, the first is from the Congressional Research Service, page 7 at the link, it references the E.O., 13467, signed by GWB and mandated to be in effect by January 2009. (anything significant about that date?:

    Link to E.O 13467:


    CRS link:


    From CRS Document, Page 7.

    Are Constitutional Officers (e.g., the President, Members of Congress) Required to Hold a Security Clearance to Access Classified Information?

    Congressional Research Service answer:
    “Security clearances are not mandated for the President, Vice President, Members of Congress, Supreme Court Justices, or other constitutional officers. The criteria for election or appointment to these positions are specified in the U.S. Constitution, and except by constitutional amendment, no additional criteria (e.g., holding a security clearance) may be required.
    As Commander-in-Chief, the President has the authority to establish the standards for access to classified national security information. This authority is typically exercised through the issuance of executive orders. Executive Order 13467, which covers suitability checks and security clearances for federal employees, applicants, and contractors, includes a determination of which executive branch individuals are covered and which are exempted.

    Even the unreliable internet “fact checking” website Snopes gets if right on the issue of security clearances. Below is a quote from Snopes in October, 2008, and the link. It is regarding whether or not Obama’s association with people like Communist Frank Marshall Davis and terrorist Bill Ayers would prevent him from passing a background security check. Snopes, at the end of their non-answer to that question, says this:


    “No such background checks are required for Barack Obama’s current position as a U.S. Senator, or for his possible future position as President of the United States. Senator Obama already has access to a good deal of secret intelligence information as a member of Congress, and as President he would not only have access to more of it but would also have the power to determine who else within the government might see it.“

    This seems like the perfect set-up to lose America to the enemy. Any thoughts on why no one talks about this, even people who are fighting the battle against Obama and all those complicit in the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?