by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 26, 2016) — In the fourth in a series of videos by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released on Wednesday, O’Keefe explains how one of his reporters invented a “cover story” to pose as a donor to the Clinton campaign.

The video shows previously-released footage of now-former Clinton campaign operative and convicted felon Robert Creamer and former Americans United for Change (AUFC) activist Scott Foval.

Audio with Creamer’s voice on the latest video reveals his strategy to place Clinton supporters at Trump rallies wherever they occurred across the country in order to obtain media coverage.

At one point, O’Keefe said that delays in the $20,000 donation proffered by the undercover “donor” resulted in O’Keefe’s conclusion that for DNC operatives, “it was all about the money.”

O’Keefe described Creamer as “well-connected” to the Clinton campaign and Obama.  “It’s Creamer’s own words that confirm our reporting,” O’Keefe said (13:20).

At 14:40, Creamer tells the unidentified “donor,” “I do a lot of work at the White House…on issues, helping to run ‘issue’ campaigns that they’ve been involved in for immigration reform, for the healthcare bill…”

Creamer founded the group Democracy Partners, which worked with AUFC to raise money for the Clinton campaign.  He said he met Obama when he was a “community organizer in Chicago.”

Both Creamer and his wife, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, are from Chicago.

On Monday, O’Keefe released the third video in the series which he said revealed “dark, back-room dealings” directly connected to the Clinton campaign, a violation of federal law.

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