by RoseAnn Salanitri, TPATH, ©2016

(Oct. 22, 2016) — This presidential election cycle has been both confusing and interesting.  With a political master and a reactive champion of blue collar Americans as candidates, the terms of the battle lines are often drawn by the political master, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In this case, Mrs. Clinton knows how to manipulate the public dialogue in a manner that will shine unwanted attention on the flaws of her opponent, Donald J. Trump.  This masterful tactic is part of an ingenious but simple political strategy whereby you change the narrative when you can’t win the narrative.  The unfortunate aspect of this strategy is that it is wreaking havoc on the common sense voter who is manipulated into hating the highlighted faults of Mr. Trump, while at the same time being blinded to the faults of Mrs. Clinton. To make matters worse, Mrs. Clinton has amassed a substantial amount of help to realize her strategy.  We call it the media.  And unlike the media that dismantled the corrupt Tammany Hall machine, today’s media is more than complicit, it has become her most valuable accomplice.

In an attempt to help voters focus on the real issues of this fate-changing campaign, the following chart has been created.

Click here to access chart (scroll down).

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