by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 22, 2016) — At approximately 11:49 AM EDT on Saturday, former Reagan economic advisor David Stockman told Fox News’s Neil Cavuto in the minutes preceding a major address by Republican presidential nominee Donald J Trump that “The race is over; she is going to win,” referencing Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Stockman and Cavuto had been discussing the current United States economy and steps which should be taken, in Stockman’s opinion, to increase federal tax revenue to offset entitlement and other spending which Stockman believes will lead to another recession within the next ten years.

On March 30, 2013, Stockman wrote a column published in The New York Times opining that “Getting the Fed out of the financial markets is the only way to put free markets and genuine wealth creation back into capitalism.”

Stockman touted a mantra now being used by the mainstream media indicating that Hillary Clinton’s victory on November 8 is a foregone conclusion, an unusual statement for an economic commentator.

Stockman is a former congressman from Michigan.

At 12:04 p.m. EDT, Trump took the stage.


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