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by Michael Gaddy, ©2016. blogging at The Rebel Madman

(Oct. 21, 2016) — Well, it is almost over; presidential campaigns began well over one year ago. There were 17 candidates from the Republican side when it started and just three viable Democrats. But, sometime in December, (19th) when the Electoral College submits the results of their votes to the president of the United States Senate, we will have a new president.

So, all of you folks who are going to vote for Trump, primarily because he is not Hillary, what are you going to do if Trump wins? Are you going to go back to sleep and believe that Trump will follow through with all his campaign promises–you know—-like all of the presidents in the past who have made all kinds of promises which fell into the dust of victory and were also soon being rationalized away by those who voted for them? If he doesn’t follow through on those promises, what will you do then? Ignore what happens and just try to rationalize it away and then, if that doesn’t work, trot out the old reliable, “well he is better than Hillary would have been.” How does one quantify that remark? If anyone’s only attribute is they are better than Hillary, then they too are unqualified to hold any position of power and authority over others.

Then, perhaps, the tired old canard of who would be best to appoint new members to the Supreme Court will go through a test or two. Most of the die-hard Trump supporters, you remember, those who claim he will restore constitutional governance, have claimed he will appoint “constitutionalists” to the bench. Where will he find such an animal? Our Constitution as ratified has not been taught in the law schools in this country for many decades. It’s not about what our founders said, or the delegates to the ratification conventions were promised, it is about what previous clowns in black gowns have “ruled” our Constitution means (precedent), which is completely opposite of how Thomas Jefferson and James Madison stated such decisions should be determined. We place so much confidence in a group of people (black-robed oligarchy) whom Thomas Jefferson despised. How did that happen? Was Jefferson wrong and we are much smarter than he was? If the Supreme Court had not usurped its power and was acting within the constraints of the Constitution, why would we place so much importance in them?

What if Trump wins but the Democrats gain control of the Senate or the House? How many so-called conservative Republicans who hold seats in the Congress are really just like Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell,Lindsey Graham and John McCain? What chance will Trump have of getting anything meaningful through Congress when he will find his programs attacked by Democrats and Republicans alike? If Trump is for real, and I personally doubt that, the entrenched cabal that runs our government from behind the scenes will not allow him to upset the apple cart they have been working decades to solidify. If you believe differently, perhaps you could find some time to thoroughly research what happened to JFK when he challenged the military/industrial/banking cabal which Eisenhower warned about in his farewell address, right before JFK took office.

What if Trump wins and the inner cities break out into violence? What if that violence spreads to more rural parts of America? If you think that will not happen, check the social welfare rolls in your county. You might be amazed at the number of people who could/would become very upset if their “entitlements” were taken away. There are currently 41 million people in this country on food stamps. How many live in your area?

What if Trump wins and nothing really changes? Where do you go politically? Do you revert right back to the “acceptable” Republicans like those mentioned above? If not, then where? History tells us that if you will just hang on until 2020, there will be some new hot-shot politician promising you whatever it takes to get your vote. Who will that be?

Hillary was asked very early in the campaign if she could be any president who would she be? She, of course, said “Abraham Lincoln.” While speaking in the black church in Detroit, Trump stated he was honored to be the nominee of the “Party of Lincoln” and wanted to “build the future of the party (Republican) on the legacy of Lincoln.” Just a small question here: If Lincoln is really Hillary’s presidential idol and Trump wants to build the party on the legacy of Lincoln, where is the difference?

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  1. To Michael;
    I’ll say this much: I make more money retired than I ever made when I was working full time. Lucky investments, believe it or not. Heck, even I don’t believe it.
    During the year 2008 I was gearing-up to write my ‘Great American’ novel and then Obama came on the scene and I started traveling all over the Southeast giving talks and speeches (I figure a ‘talk’ is to 20 or less) about the dangers of Islam, Obama and the direction of America (downhill in a hand basket).
    I got so fed-up with the system that I ran for president (for real: I was a registered candidate with the Federal Election Commission and vetted: citizen; parents born in the USA; Honorable Discharged Veteran; 1/8th Cherokee Indian). I’d work for free; keep the perks and wouldn’t run for reelection. All I would do would work to get the country back on track with Larry Meyer, my VP.
    Gee, I didn’t win, did I?
    So for the past 4 years it’s been either deciding to run again or support a new candidate.
    Enter Trump and thank my lucky stars for that, because I wouldn’t want such a thankless job (not if I could help it and, thanks to Trump, I can help it).
    So if Trump wins I try to write my ‘Great American’ novel.
    If Hillary wins I move. When I was in the military I just happened to find the nicest little village in a country in Europe and that’ll be my destination.
    Will I still write my book?
    I doubt it. I thought I’d have something to say but if Hillary wins, what am I going to say to a country that doesn’t deserve the best and wouldn’t get it anyway, I mean, if it can’t get Trump it sure as heck would never get me, now would it?