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(Oct. 21, 2016) — Defend the Vote, the Election Judge Association, and Walsh Freedom are combining forces in an historic program to protect the vote across Illinois for this very important General election!

Last night, Joe Walsh, former Illinois Congressman and Radio Host at AM560, announced this groundbreaking initiative on his radio show.  He will continue to cover this historic voter integrity program on his show. From 5-7pm, you can listen to Joe live on AM560,   or you can listen to his show live or as archived at WalshFreedom.com.

WalshFreedom.com has an army of volunteers across the entire state of Illinois that regularly step up to support candidates, referendums, and causes! Election integrity is a huge passion for Joe Walsh and the members of Walsh Freedom.

Honest elections require the public to be involved in helping to secure the vote.

The Walsh Freedom army of volunteers will serve as pollwatchers across Illinois.  They will use scoring sheets to document what they observe.  These volunteers will poll watch at nursing homes, they will be at early voting sites, they will be present to observe the processing and counting of mail-in paper ballots, and they will be present in polling places across Illinois on Election Day!

The Election Judge Association and Defend the Vote will provide training, pollwatcher scoring sheets to document the pollwatcher’s experience, pollwatching credentials, and the research and FOIA’s required for this effort. We will assist in any way that we can!

Volunteers needed!  This event cannot succeed without Illinois voters stepping up to help!

To participate in this historic effort for honest elections in the Land of Lincoln, contact Barb Babbey immediately at Barb@WalshFreedom.com or by calling 847-804-2112

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