by Jack Mertz, ©2016

(Oct. 20, 2016) — Loose lips sink ships. This terse little warning from the days of World War II was widely publicized at the time  in order to protect important military information — and the lives of U.S. service members.

Operational Security rules are in place to prevent giving an enemy useful information that can be used against us.  But careless Hillary just gratuitously gave away this vital secret during the debate. She let the cat out of the bag on probable response time from the decision being made to the actual launch of nukes. Bet she thought that tidbit would make her seem informed — but it backfired and instead made her seem like a fool who is grossly careless about military secrets — just as she did by sending classified e-mails over her private unsecure server as to the exact location in Benghazi where Ambassador Stevens was. I guess she is incapable of learning about the need for secrecy in military matters.

The good news is that she cannot deny what she did — since 70 million people in the audience — and in other countries — heard her very clearly.

The bad news for Hillary is that this latest  “loose lips” error in judgment could sink her chances of becoming POTUS.  WHY?

Even if the FBI does not do its job and revoke her security clearance, American voters may conclude that she is just too much of a risk when it comes to handling secret info — so why vote for her and give her another chance to endanger American lives? (Four deaths in Benghazi at her hands are more than enough.) In the book “The Peter Principle,” the author makes the point that persons get promoted up to — and sometimes beyond — the level of their competency to perform in the job. Hillary reached  the top level of her  competency a few promotions ago. It’s beyond time for her to retire and allow a more competent person to steer  — and not sink –the U.S.S. America.

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  1. It used to be the ship of state “U.S.S. America” until 08-28-08 when Treason Queen Nancy Pelosi falsified the pass port of ID Thief-in-Chief Barry Soetoro into America’s highest office.

    Today, after SOS Hillary + Barry + Valerie et al willfully ignited the Middle East in 2011 and initiated a tax-paid-for massacre of Middle East Christians, our ship of state is now the re-fitted “U.S.S. TITANIC PANIC” submerging in an unfathomable red sea of national debt!

    The Rise and Fall of America 1620- 2016: Began with Pilgrims’ Godly perseverance and Ended with Baby Boomers’ ungodly permissiveness?
    ANSWER: Voter-Verdict Day (V-DAY) November 8, 2016

    Either ELECT TRUMP “In Laws We Trust” OR