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by Michael Gaddy, ©2016

(Oct. 17, 2016) — “The evil that is in this world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.” ~ Albert Camus

For quite some time now I have referred to the majority of Americans, especially those who vote, as the species “Ignoramus Americanus.” Some have taken exception to this, but, so far they have been found guilty of assuming facts not in evidence.

This morning, on social media, there was a posting which stated, “If a 12-year term limit was ratified today, 227 members of Congress would not be eligible for re-election. Time to clean up DC! Do you agree? The absolute insanity of this post is overwhelming to anyone with a basic understanding of how government and voting are supposed to function.

Perhaps this post would have been better stated thusly, “Please help me, for decades now I have voted for the lesser of two evils and now the resulting evil is destroying everything I hold dear. Would everyone please ratify an amendment to our Constitution which would enable me to protect myself and those I care about from my own ignorance and cowardice!”

Another post on social media came from someone who claimed that a vote for Donald Trump was a vote to restore our Constitution and Bill of Rights. A simple question to the one who posted this claim asking documentation of when Trump has discussed in detail any limits the Constitution and Bill of Rights places on government actions, especially the Executive Branch, or how any of his opponents promises are outside of constitutional limits, went unanswered.

Completely overlooked, especially to those who claim to support the principles of the South, was Trump’s promise to the people in the black church in Detroit: “Becoming the nominee of the Party of Abraham Lincoln — a lot of people don’t realize that Abraham Lincoln, the great Abraham Lincoln was a Republican — has been the greatest honor of my life. It is on his legacy that I hope to build the future of the Party but more important the future of the country and the community.” (Emphasis mine)

If this statement alone does not scare the bejeezus out of any person who claims any fealty at all to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we as a relevant country are well on our way to extinction. No president in the history of this country did more to destroy the principles of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence than did “Honest Abe.” The current occupant of the people’s house in the District of Criminals and his eight years of mendacity can’t hold a candle to Lincoln’s full frontal assaults on the government of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Monroe, John Taylor of Caroline and others of our founders who stood for Liberty and Freedom.

Abraham Lincoln perpetrated war on the people of the North as well as the people of the South. All too many, thanks to revisionist history, are unaware of Lincoln’s military invasions of the states of New York, Maryland, Missouri, and Delaware. This was done to achieve military control of the voting process and oppose lawful dissent. Today this is not needed as the voters opt for tyranny on a regular basis every two years at the voting booth.

The sordid 12 years of history known as “Reconstruction” set the template for the total destruction of any government operating within the framework of “consent of the governed.” This was all perpetrated on the people of the South by the “Party of Lincoln” which Donald Trump is so honored to be a part of. Obviously, his knowledge of our Constitution and Bill of Rights is severely limited as is his knowledge of history.

I have had people who have defended Trump’s remarks to the black folks in Detroit as necessary to gain their votes. Wow, if anyone supports a candidate they know will lie to gain votes, how does that separate them from the liberal progressives they claim to despise?

How about my Southern brethren? How many of them will vote for a candidate who promises to bring them the government of Lincoln they have been writing and complaining about for 150+ years? Possibly, as one Magna Cum Laude graduate of the college of institutionalized ignorance wrote to me recently, “Well, I guess your criticism of Trump means you are a Hillary supporter!” No, I am not a supporter of the female spawn of satan in a jumpsuit, but as a true Southron I cannot despoil the sacrifices of my ancestors by voting for a candidate who has promised to bring me and my fellow Southerners a replica of the government they fought and died to protect their homes, country, and progeny, from assuming control of their lives, property, and fortunes.

So, what to do, exclaims the right-wing of the species Ignoramus Americanus? Well, folks, behold the end result of supporting political party over the principles of our founders for the past five or six decades. Have you not noticed the candidate you avidly supported for Vice President just four short years ago is not a “conservative” but is indeed just as bad politically as the man who won that election? Have you perhaps noticed the man you swore “kept you safe” for eight years, the brilliant man who claimed God told him to invade Iraq, is not the wonderful conservative you thought he was? Has he and his family not embraced the aforementioned female spawn of satan for the office of president? Ask yourself, how could you have been so blind to support him and his draconian, unconstitutional government for eight years? Are you not using the same criteria you used to vote for him now in your support for Trump? Four or eight years from now, if this country still exists, will you be asking yourself the same questions about Trump you are now asking about Ryan and Bush?

Only the institutionalized ignorant could believe that voting for a candidate who has little to no concept of the history and restraints of our Constitution and Bill of Rights will somehow magically produce constitutional governance with its attendant principles of Liberty and Freedom. Dream on, broomstick cowboy.

One of my favorite writers in defense of Southern principles and history is Clyde Wilson. Here, in his words, are some of the reasons that define how we got in this mess in which a candidate who promises to bring to us the horrors of Lincoln is the best we have to choose from for the highest office in the land. Pay heed–professor Wilson nails it.

“Always, if you possibly can, avoid singing the praises of people who

—launch aggressive wars unrelated to national defense and in callous disregard of the suffering of innocents: Attila the Hun, the first French emperor, the chancellor of the German Third Reich,  U.S. Presidents Lincoln, McKinley, Wilson, Clinton, Bush II, etc.

—spend profligately and burden future generations with immense debts: the U.S. Congress.

—deliberately misuse and undermine the vital foundational principles and texts of a society: the Supreme Soviet, the U.S. Supreme Court, televangelists, the Hague Tribunal, etc.

—systematically distort and misrepresent public events and persons with malice aforethought: Joseph Goebbels. Pravda, U.S. television news, multicultural historians, etc.

—glorify selfish, immoral, vulgar, and decadent behaviour: U.S. entertainment media and professional sports industry.”

Ah, the total impossibility of being ignorant and free. Jefferson said it was impossible, but Ignoramus Americanus is determined to prove him wrong.


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