by Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret), ©2016

(Oct. 11, 2016) — So what is your beef, little boy? Nobody changed your diapers today?  For the Love of God, sonny, GROW UP! You claim you did not want to be Speaker of the House and the members did NOT believe you, so they gave you the job. It has become patently clear why YOU did not want the job; you knew you were incapable of performing all that would be necessary, such as preparing or order prepared Articles of Impeachment against Barry Soetoro-Obama who had and has you in his hip pocket and willing to do his bidding on command.

Are you so out-of-touch with reality that you stab Donald Trump in the back and behave like a choir boy at High Mass? Please, do NOT try to fool the rest of us guys and act as though you have never made crude remarks in an all-male setting. Some lowlife released that tape, and rumors are that you are the schmuck who did it. No matter, it was done with intent to destroy Mr. Trump, who did precisely the correct thing. He admitted that he had acted badly under circumstances understandable to any man and a whole passel of the fairer sex.

I voted for you and that other turncoat in the 2012 election. Both you and Romney are fair-weather creeps. Your head is far too big for responsibility. If you cannot support the party’s candidate, resign like your former acting Speaker, crybaby John. OR, get your act together, do this God-inspired Republic a huge favor, and IMPEACH THAT TRAITOR OBAMA AND his co-conspirators. OTHERWISE, you are taking a salary under false pretenses; you are FOLLOWING when your paid-for assignment is to lead.

I had to bite my tongue in my nearly 42 years of military service. In comparison to your dereliction of duty, I wish I could apologize to those officers and soldiers whose offenses were so minor compared to those of you, McCarthy, Cantor, McConnell, Pelosi and others. All of you are downright pathetic, sorry sad sacks. We pay you and those just mentioned an extremely substantial remuneration for your paltry and nearly-non-existent efforts.

You yourself are paid almost exactly twice as much as a Staff Sergeant, E-5 with 12 years of active duty and with tremendous direct responsibilities, magnified many times over when in combat. In my humble opinion and with a certain sense of outrage for your fecklessness and stubborn refusal to impeach a verifiable TRAITOR who is undoubtedly personally liable for the outright murder of Americans, both military and civilian, I am of the considered opinion that your failure to act actually makes you morally, if not legally, culpable. You had and still have an opportunity to partially redeem some of the respect you have lost. There still remains time to IMPEACH OBAMA, and then when a conviction is not achieved, there is always the Federal District Court. Obama CANNOT be allowed to remain free to carry on his warfare against America.

Finally, you have a duty to support Mr. Trump in his presidential pursuit!  He is the Republican nominee, he was humiliated by someone’s indiscretion; he handled it extremely well in a forthright and gentlemanly manner. The timidity, cowardice and pitiful excuses of you and other Republicans is most reprehensible and could likely hand the Oval Office over to a characterless, angry, Mata Hari-type traitor who has no respect for any but the Socialist/Communist types she so admires. So, Mr. Ryan, do your DUTY! Verbally state your full intention to support Mr. Trump and apologize for acting the coward! Calling the House back into special session for a singular purpose is your first job.

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  1. we the people want you paul ryan inpeached today you are not doing not one thing to help the poor the disabled you want to end all programs and do not email your story it is ti,e for you to go home and sit down for good because all you are doing is hurting people that you do not care for and hate is what you are doing and tto me that is a haye crime

  2. Paul Ryan and John McCain you both have literally stabbed the Republican Party in the back with your refusal to SUPPORT your NOMINEE Mr Trump. By doing so you have sealed your fate with the Republican voters and we won’t forget your names when the check box needs a mark in it. You both are pathetic!!.