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by K9, ©2016

(Oct. 11, 2016) — I’ve decided I need to write my thoughts down concerning the national psychosis going on in our country right now. It is a psychosis created by the left in which we accept a narrative that goes against reality and our own best interest.  The progressives in this country continually divide us with identity politics. They present this as support for the poor, minority, outcast and unaccepted among us but in reality it is dividing us. The most glaring example of this is the Obama administration’s decision to push for gender neutral bathrooms in our public schools. The 2014 census shows that transgenders in our country equal .03% of the population. Yet my local school district has reported that they will be forced to spend $10,000,000 of their budget to build new bathrooms for students who want to opt out of the gender neutral bathrooms.

The important point of the gender issue is why the Obama administration has chosen to herald this when there are so many other pressing concerns in our nation – economy, national security, trade and Islamic terrorism. I have concluded that such issues allow them to divide and distract us as well as assure us that they are the party for the little man; the party of righteousness. They cannot gain our vote based on the real concerns because their domestic and foreign policies are failing miserably. As Donald Trump points out, the left for decades has failed on these issues. All we need to do to verify this is to look at our inner cities under democratic rule to see the blatant failures.

Now when I look at the national hysteria and faux moral outrage going on over Mr. Trump’s decade-old private conversation, I realize that the left has truly succeeded in this psychosis of accepting a narrative over reality. The narrative they want us to accept is that it is horrific for a man to say such things about a woman and this makes him unfit to be president. For the left to think they can sell this bill of goods to us demonstrates their total lack of confidence in the intelligence of the American people. It is their same old tactic of “don’t look at that man behind the curtain,” you should be so outraged by this that nothing else matters, especially those things that are really important. The things that require studied thought and understanding. The things that demonstrate that Hillary Clinton is a career politician who has time and time again acted with gross moral negligence, self “servance” and disdain for the common man.

Kathy Shelton was sexually assaulted and beaten when she was 12 years old. Her attacker’s defense attorney was Hillary Rodham.

Where is the moral outrage over the audio of Mrs. Clinton as a young attorney laughing because she was able to get a child rapist off scot-free? Where is the moral outrage over Mrs. Clinton slandering the women who dared to speak up and say they were sexually assaulted by her husband? Where is the outrage over what we now know to be fact: Mrs. Clinton looked grieving parents in the eye and lied to them over why their sons died in Benghazi? A lie that was put forth for political reasons. A lie that she continues to stand behind and in fact, has claimed that the grieving parents are the ones lying.

Where is the outrage over the fact that Mrs. Clinton perjured herself to Congress and then went on to destroy evidence of this perjury? We should be outraged that our public servant destroyed government documents with Bleachbit and smashed devices containing government documents with a hammer! This kind of government corruption practiced by the Clintons is obviously spreading to our Justice Department and FBI. Where is the outrage that Bill Clinton had a secret meeting with our Attorney General while his wife was under investigation by the Justice Department?

I find it interesting that the same day the Trump audio was released, transcripts of Mrs. Clinton were released demonstrating yet again that she has disdain for the common American and will tell the public whatever will get her elected while privately holding positions that benefit her both politically and financially.  Yet in looking at major news sources, this information is either not covered or covered only minimally. Again, the left is relying on the American public to buy into their narrative of moral outrage. After all, this narrative is simple, offers identity politics and is easier for the less-educated populace to understand. They are playing us!

To those of you who buy the “narrative” that Mr. Trump doesn’t have the temperament to have his fingers close to the nuclear codes, I will remind you that it was Mrs. Clinton’s temperament and incompetence that has led to the destabilization we are seeing around the world today. It was her mishandling of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran and Russia that has allowed nations such as Russia, Iran and North Korea, nations with ill intent, to gain power in the world. She has proven herself to be much more hawkish and willing to engage in regime change than Mr. Trump has ever expressed.

My hope is that we as Americans will prove the left wrong. We will prove that we are not too lazy to inform ourselves on the real facts and not be manipulated by the “narratives” being pushed by the left. We will rise up as the common man in England rose up and denied the progressive narrative that was being sold to them; the narrative that the world economy would crumble if they voted to leave the European Union. Well, they rose up, they voted and they are stronger now because of it.

We must do the same.

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