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(Oct. 5, 2016) — Even as this post is composed, and as The P&E has spotlighted, the Internet is abuzz over the Wikileaks teleconference from Berlin where Julian Assange was expected to announce plans to reveal a lot more documents having potential impact on the upcoming presidential election.

The teleconference, however, was less than earth-shattering with regard to, as one Roger Stone put it, the “end of Hillary’s campaign.”  That may come at some point in the future, but it did not take place on October 4.  It is rumored that Assange is in possession of additional e-mails sought to be destroyed by Hillary Rodham Clinton, “HRC.”  The subject of the e-mails has not yet been disclosed, but If suspicions are correct, the disclosures could be “extraordinarily damning to the Clintons,” according to Stone.  It is interesting that Stone would use the plural “Clintons,” suggesting that not only HRC would be impacted, but also her spouse, Slick Willie, and potentially even their daughter, Chelsea.

Among the topics which might prove to be “extraordinarily damning,” at least with regard to HRC, are additional e-mails relating to what increasingly appears to be a massive cover-up of the treachery leading up to the September 11-12, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

More specifically, the closer we come to learning whether Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were sacrificed when a structured kidnapping plot unraveled because Americans chose to fight back rather than submit, all to further the political objectives of the Usurper at 1600 (“BHO”) and HRC, the more it looks as if their fingerprints are all over such a plot.

Indeed, so crazy are things becoming that there is now a report – unverified and unconfirmed –  that at one point in a meeting at the State Department where the “problem” of Assange and “leaked” information was being discussed, HRC blurted out: “Can’t we just drone this guy?”   The comment initially drew laughter from the meeting participants until dying out as HRC continued speaking sternly about Assange being a “relatively soft target” just “walking around” without “fear of reprisals.”  Seriously?  No doubt HRC would claim her remark was “just a joke.”

Speaking of jokes, we also now know, thanks to Part 3 of the FBI’s investigative interview “notes,” that in the process of destroying e-mails, one of her techies at Platte River Networks commented to another employee there that the work they were doing was “the Hillary cover-up operation.”  See FBI Part 3, interview notes, .pdf at 16-17.  When the FBI interviewed him, he, too, claimed it was a “joke.”

And now we learn that the FBI, as part of its oh-so-thorough-and-professional “investigation” of HRC’s e-mail cataclysm, entered into “side deals” with two material witnesses, Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, to allow their laptop computers – which at one time contained most, if not all, of the e-mails “Bleachbitted” into electronic oblivion by HRC’s techies at Platte River Networks – to be destroyed after being examined by the FBI.   This comes, of course, while FOIA requests, congressional subpoenas and civil lawsuits all remain pending and unresolved.   If you want a really good current analysis of how corrosive the BHO regime and the HRC cabal really have become – and how corrupted James Comey has become as head of the FBI – watch this 90-minute video now posted on YouTube by Judicial Watch:

The stench of this cover-up now reaches directly into the offices of the FBI as we enter the final stages of corruption and treachery in “E-mailgate,” with the FBI seemingly taking on the role of a willing co-conspirator in the destruction of evidence which might prove – in a future principled administration – HRC’s criminal conduct and/or the criminal conduct of BHO as well.  Depending on further revelations, do not be surprised if BHO or his flacks begin floating “trial balloons” over the potential for not mere immunity from prosecution, but pre-indictment pardons, and not only for HRC, but for James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Cheryl Mills, etc.  Whoa… perhaps even Slick Willie gets one for Clinton Foundation transgressions.

As your faithful servant observed here, if any single one of the myriad defalcations of HRC and BHO had been committed by a Republican or conservative, the mainstream media would have been howling like a pack of timber wolves on crack cocaine.  With the most recent revelations of treachery on HRC’s part, had a Republican instead been the perpetrator, the media canines would have added the charm of a midnight F-5 tornado to their howls. Sadly, the media’s silence against the backdrop of the unfolding cover-up, now aided and abetted by a politically-compromised Justice Department and FBI, merely underscores its complicity and contempt for the rule of law.   

While the Wikileaks disclosures, if actually forthcoming, may deal with completely unrelated issues and thus fail to corroborate the “botched Benghazi kidnapping” theory, a blind Martian can now see that a massive cover-up of something really huge is taking place.  Thank goodness for patriots like Jason ChaffetzTrey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, and John Ratcliffe for their tenacity and perseverance in seeking the truth.  Plainly, the truth is of no interest to virtually the whole of the mainstream media and is like direct sunlight to the HRC vampiric cabal.

But I digress.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lauding the victims of the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack after the four bodies were returned to Dover Air Force Base, September 13, 2012

So, what do we now know about the continually metastasizing tumor called “HRC E-mailgate?”  Well, we already knew that HRC lied to the parents of the four dead Americans as their flag-draped coffins arrived at Andrews Air Force Base; lied to the FBI; lied to Congress; and more importantly, repeatedly lied to the American electorate that she never had any classified or secret e-mails on her private computer server.

We also know that when the techies at Platte River Networks were told to begin deleting e-mails, several of them voiced concerns that they were being implicated in a cover-up, with one of the techies admitting that he was “[s]tarting to think this whole thing really is covering up some shady [redacted].”

Next, we also have learned that BHO, in various e-mails he either sent to or received from HRC, used a pseudonym.  See Part 3, FBI notes, .pdf at 93.  Indeed, when Clinton flack Huma Abedin was informed of this by the FBI, she “expressed amazement at the [p]resident’s use of a pseudonym….”  Pseudonyms are used to mask an identity where there is no nefarious intent, like “Mark Twain” for Samuel Clemens.

On the other hand, the use of a pseudonym where nefarious or criminal intent is present is consistent with a cover-up.  This is particularly true when communicating over channels where – as HRC explained to the FBI (FBI notes, Part 2, HRC July 2, 2016 interview at 7) – it was sometimes necessary to “communicate in code….”

In Part 2 of the FBI notes document, at p. 2, the after-portion of the e-mail address “” appears.  The first part of the address is redacted, but appears to be nine proportional font spaces wide.  HRC confirmed to the FBI that this was the e-mail address she used to communicate with BHO.

There are thousands of nine-letter words which might match up to the pseudonym used by BHO.  “Kenyan” is only six letters long, so that is likely not the pseudonym.  “Honolulu” is eight letters long, but still not likely.  How about “Kapiolani?”  Perhaps.  Let us use that nine-letter name for now.  As for HRC, we also know that certain HRC “advisors” had her listed under a pseudonym or nickname in their e-mail address contact list as well.  That name was “Evergreen.”  See  FBI Part 3, interview notes, .pdf at 136.

So what, exactly, might the smoking howitzer cover-up be?  What evil deed might these two oleaginous individuals – one presently usurping the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the other seeking to merely extend the occupation – be trying to bury so deep that it could never be proven?  Recall the observation of Sherlock Holmes: the perfect crime is the one that is never discovered.  Many crimes can be covered up and go undetected and undiscovered if incriminating evidence is destroyed.  Or beaten to smithereens with hammers.  Or thrown into a river, like, say, the Potomac.  Or the Volga.  Or the Nile.

Sure, a body – or even several dead bodies – might be discovered, but all that proves is that people died.  It does not prove that they were murdered or that they were, for example, the victims of a botched kidnapping plan that should have gone smoothly as designed, but took a turn for the worse when patriots sworn to defend their countrymen refused to stand down while the abduction was ongoing and valiantly, but unsuccessfully, fought back.

Or does it?  What does the evidence show?

First, as hypothetically chronicled here, here, here, and here, there exists a mountain range of anecdotal evidence – much of it circumstantial, but in the aggregate compelling – supporting the hypothesis that in order to bolster his failing poll numbers in the months preceding the 2012 presidential election, BHO and or/HRC and/or their operatives and apparatchiks concocted a plan, in concert with Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and/or his surrogates, to allow a sham “safe” kidnapping of Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The abduction would have been undertaken by agents of then-Egyptian President Morsi.  The plot would have involved a “trade” of the “safely” kidnapped Stevens for one Omar Abdel-Rahman, the so-called “Blind Sheikh” radical Islamist then-incarcerated at the Federal Medical Correctional Facility in Butner, North Carolina just before the 2012 election.  BHO would be seen as the hero for having saved Ambassador Stevens from decapitation by his “captors” broadcast live on the Internet, and Morsi would be seen in Egypt as the liberator of Rahman, to the joy of his Muslim Brotherhood savages worldwide.  A “win-win” proposition for both BHO and Morsi if it could be pulled off.

Second, if there were any e-mails once-present in HRC’s cache of documents which even remotely supported the “botched kidnapping” theory, ask yourself this: would HRC have wanted to “pull out all the stops” to try to destroy or obliterate those e-mails?  Might that be what has happened here?

If, to utilize FBI Director Comey’s characterization of HRC’s “extremely careless” e-mailing habits, she had communicated, hypothetically of course, with BHO via her private, unsecure e-mail computer system during the run-up to September 11, 2012 and, hypothetically speaking, again, they had previously designed a “structured kidnapping” of Ambassador Stevens as hypothesized, what might that e-mail have said?  Might it have looked something like this?:

From: Evergreen / H<>

Sent: Sunday, September 9, 2012 9:11 PM


Subject: All green


This is in response to your request for an update this morning.  Not to worry.  All is in place.  The stand-down protocol order will ensure that no unanticipated resistance to the operation even gets off the ground.  The annex is a mile away, so no immediate on-site resistance is expected.

In addition, the contingency aircraft request was denied last month.  The captain of the local Libyan militia consulate guards has received his agreed-upon payment and will order his men to drop their guns and get out of Dodge, so to speak, as soon as Morsi’s men show up.  The whole abduction should not take any more than fifteen minutes, twenty-five at the most.

Once CS is secured, he will be flown to a safe house in a suburb of Alexandria where he will be guarded 24/7 by Morsi’s personal security detachment.  They are good.  No harm will come to CS.

While the videos of his capture and threats to his life won’t begin until early October to maximize impact as 11/6 approaches, we will receive daily updates on secure channels directly from Morsi. The swap of CS for the blind guy is still scheduled for 10/31… plenty of time  before the election, details to follow later.  The media will be alerted 24 hours before the trade to ensure saturation coverage.

Relax… this will be a piece of cake.  Trust me, like a walk in the park.


To be sure, the foregoing is a hypothetical message based on conjecture and speculation.  But it is informed conjecture and speculation backed up by a lot of corroborating evidence.  Moreover, if an e-mail like that hypothetically did exist at some point in the past, if you were HRC or BHO, would you do everything in your power to try to destroy the message and conceal the fact that it ever existed at all?  Would you even fantasize about using a drone strike to take out someone threatening to blow the lid off your plot and its cover-up?  Is that not consistent with what is happening now?

“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

And if the Bleachbitting of the evidence was successful, if such an e-mail had ever existed, it would now be virtually impossible to prove.  But by the same token, it would also be very difficult to disprove, given the growing evidence of a cover-up.  The Watergate scandal was amateur hour compared to the actions of HRC and BHO.  President Nixon faced impeachment for far less serious transgressions against the nation, yet BHO says HRC is the most qualified person in the history of the Republic to aspire to the presidency.  Really?

Finally, as your faithful servant noted here, if ever the Republic needed another “Deep Throat,” – a person with inside information or documentable proof that HRC and/or BHO and/or anyone else was involved in the hypothesized Benghazi deadly debacle – that time is now.  Man up.  Woman up.  Do the right thing.

Memo to the electorate: you, too, must do the right thing on November 8th.


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  1. Not to confuse Sheriff Joe’s “earth-shattering announcement coming soon” with Julian’s conference from Berlin, but is all this just another case where maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath???