Get Ready – God Will Have Mercy on America this Election and Make her God’s Light on a Hill Again


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2016


(Oct. 4, 2016) — How many commentators and Christian types in print and media do I know that say America is done? We are lectured that we are evil Babylon and are getting what is coming to us – judgment. In fact, the words of many that roll out of their pious mouths is nothing but evil curses on America and her people. They don’t really pray and stand in the gap for a struggling and suffering America, praying for mercy, God’s grace and protection. They arrogantly pray for God’s judgment and look for a way out. They are the false flame-throwers who grieve the heart of God and throw only curses back on themselves as they sew unbelief and spread it far and wide.

We all know we are in a critical and loud election cycle with more debates, polls and the big vote coming. Human nature tends to put its faith in the candidates’ performances, money, media push and polls. Never mind God’s heart and His overall plans living outside of all the boxes we create and live in.

As you check your heart, do your own research and vote this election cycle, please add these few thoughts as well for you to say yes or no to.

Is God speaking to several on the spiritual plane – even giving them modern prophetic words about the upcoming election? I know, some of your eyes are rolling back in your head wondering if I have lost my mind. We listen to everyone else, national TV shows, print, gossip and social media. Perhaps God Himself may also be speaking to some of us down here and working a plan into place. I believe so.

According to my investigation, several have been awakened and given visions and words from God as to who would become President. They were all told that Donald Trump was God’s anointed choice for President. He would be elected in a landslide and put America back on top in many areas, including spiritually, economically, as a worldwide energy source and power. Please take a moment and watch this. At the very least you may find it fascinating and encouraging. Others will find it a waste of time.

Donald Trump is running to be the 45th President of the United States. Read Isaiah chapter 45. I paraphrase, but it talks of a great conquering leader yet to come – King Cyrus. He was described as a successful conqueror but also as a diplomat who was fair. It says though Cyrus hadn’t known God, (yet) God knew him and his heart and he intended to use him to rebuild, destroy the enemy, bring back prosperity, wealth and influence to Israel. History and the Bible say that Cyrus conquered many nations and acquired much wealth with God’s help and guidance. He had favor largely because he freed Israel.

Is God telling some that Donald Trump is like a coming Cyrus who will conquer evil, be used of God and build back a country that God loves? Is God saying that the 45th Chapter of Isaiah is describing the coming 45th President – Donald Trump? Trump is the only candidate who would truly stand for Israel, stand against evil, be a strong conqueror but also a diplomat or closer as Cyrus was and for the heart and freedom of America that God loves and created.

For those who call America just an evil and forsaken Babylon, remember that God rose up and used Daniel to reach and share God’s heart and messages to several kings who ran ancient Babylon. He loved them and worked with many kings pagan and otherwise to get their attention. Neebuchadnezzar was one of the best and good kings of Babylon who Daniel spoke to and advised.

Regardless of what you believe is coming, I beseech you to pray for America’s victory, for God’s mercy upon us, for protection and might again. Pray for a Donald Trump victory and expect greatness. Don’t do this because Trump is mouthy and imperfect but because he will honor Israel, is a sincere and new Christian who prays to the living God, has exceptional ideas for leadership and who has been prepared for this job…perhaps even by God.

I believe God has spoken. You vote accordingly. If there ever was a time our country needs God’s intervention and plan it is now. May God really bless America…again.

2 Responses to "Get Ready – God Will Have Mercy on America this Election and Make her God’s Light on a Hill Again"

  1. Cody Judy   Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 12:16 PM

    It’s almost mind boggling that the man who got up the courage to say on the TV Show The View , ” I think Obama should show his birth certificate!” , is the GOP Nominee.

    Ask every other Republican Candidate or Elected Official if they thought that possible? And, you gain significant respect for exactly what the author is referring to.

    Nice Post!

  2. Diane Faris   Wednesday, October 5, 2016 at 12:15 AM

    Thank you for this post. God has used great leaders who were not following God . He chose them set them on the right path, His path. I don’t know the outcome of this election, but I have and will pray for our beloved America. I have never er believed these judgmental theologians who believe our nation is wicked and deserves God’s judgement. Because, God placed all His wrath and judgement on his Son, Jesus on the cross where He died for the sins of the whole world. And I’m praying for our country to return to who we really are. Also I’m praying against all the evil plans of the enemy to steal this election by wicked works. Standing with you in Faith!


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