10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

by Michael Gaddy, ©2016

(Sep. 28, 2016) —We will resume our discussion of our Constitution and founding era at Shiloh’s Steakhouse on October 15, 2016 from 10am until 2pm in Cortez, Colorado. The fine fare of Shiloh’s is always available.

Subject for this class will be: (1) Does it really matter who wins this coming presidential election as pertains to our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the government our founders created.

(2) How have non-profit organizations destroyed our Constitutional government.

(3) When guns are ordered to be confiscated, what is your plan?

Hope to see you there. Bring a friend.

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    A. Act on a Federal Reserve Audit; every branch and make it public. Start proceedings to render the Fed’s Charter “null and void”, as the Senate will “advise and consent so that Section 8 (at least)(of the Constitution) will be honored.”
    B. Abolish “non-profit” organizations; implement a Nation-wide 10% sales tax; abolish the IRS.
    C. Surely you jest, but then neither does the American people who support the Constitution: we will – Thank you very much – keep our guns loaded. Nothing more needs to be said: if the rouge agencies of the government wish to violate the 2nd Amendment, it will be the agency’s own demise. Individuals who voluntarily wish to pursue the overthrow of the (legal Constitutional) government will be dealt with in an appropriate manner: giving up our means of defense to a bunch of NAZI HOODLUMS (read MUSLIM HOODLUMS) – as the NAZI PARTY did to the German people in the 1930’s – is just a delaying tactic to commit suicide. No thank you.
    D. If allowed, I’ll post a 10’ X 60’ banner: